10 Best French Rock Songs

The 10 best French rock songs are all exceptional hits that have marked many charts. French music may not be noticed by most English-speaking Americans, but their music is advanced in all genres. The rock music of France is exceptional and at par with other Western rock hits.

  1. Francis Cabrel, "Les murs de poussiere": Cabrel is well known as one of France's best recording artist. This rock hit is a wonderful contemporary song with a great beat fused with excellent guitar. The song's vocal and instrumental pairing make it one of France's best rock songs. 
  2. Les Shades, "Electrique": This song is fast and certainly fun. The band's style is akin to the White Stripes, giving them a hip edge to their music. You definitely won't want to pass by this excellent song, it truly is one of the best.
  3. Archimede, "Villaine Canaille": This song is one of Archimede's best, and certainly one of the best of all French rock songs. The semi-raspy vocals and interesting intstruments (harmonica and tambourine) give this song a great pump. Best of all, the lyrics are just as fun as the rhythm.
  4. Malajube, "Pate Filo": This song would stand strong amongst American Indie Rock songs. The vocals are beautiful, making for an intriguing unison with the rock beats. You don't want to pass this song up – it's beyond excellent.
  5. Malajube, "Montreal -40 Degres C": You don't need to speak French to fall in love with this song. The chorus sounds blend beautifully with the rock instruments – it might even trick you into thinking you're hearing electronic beats. Definitely give this song a chance.
  6. Indochine, "Troisieme Sexe": This is a radical song about gender. If the great lyrics weren't enough, Indochine does a great job blowing this song out of the water. The beat is great and the band's passion is evident.
  7. Damien Saez, "J'accuse": The music video for this song is as great as the song. The lyrics have a fervent passion to them, giving the song the soul we all know of rock and roll. You absolutely will want to add this to your playlist as soon as you hear it.
  8. Pleymo, "United Nowhere": Similar to the band Rage Against the Machine, Pleymos song has a fast pace and relies on drums and guitars to keep the song strong. If you are into pseudo screamo rock, then this is the top ten song you'll want to consider.
  9. Trust, "Antisocial": A highly popular song with a punk rock edge, it definitely makes the list. You will definitely want to be playing this song repeatedly after you hear it once. If you like edgy songs, this one is for you.
  10. Noir Desir, "Le Vent Nous Portera": A beautiful soft rock song, you don't want to ignore this song. It has perfect vocals, instruments, and an amazing rhythm. No song compares to the beauty engrained in this rock song.
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