10 Best French Romantic Songs

French music has always been termed as atmospheric, relaxing and melodious, here are the 10 best French romantic songs to put you in a loving mood.

  1. "Quelqu'un M'A Dit" by Carla Bruni. It’s a song which leads its listener to peaceful and romantic land of love. This song is famous for showing France’s laid-back culture.

  2. "On N'A Pas Besoin" by Paris Combo. This song drives its listener to another world of romance.

  3. "Fée Clochette" by Walt Disney Production. It is also included in Putumayo’s collection. Both you and your loved one may engage into the romance that is spread by this song.

  4. "Si la Photo Est Bonne" by Barbara. This song may help create the perfect evening with your loved one, it's a great song to play for a marriage proposal.

  5. "Mal Ô Mains" by Francky. A close dance with your date with this French romantic song may leave both of you in a deep ecstasy.

  6. "Elaeudania Téïtéïa" by Serge Gainsbourg. A song that is romantic and can have a peaceful effect on your mind. It fills your inner self with deep happiness and satisfaction.

  7. "S'Attendrai" by Rina Ketty. This song moves hearts and lightens ones spirit. Old songs have always been admired by people. This is an example of a song that satisfies the inner needs of a person by relaxing its listener.

  8. "Moulin Rouge" has been done by many artists. A romantic song that may also be listened to if you are just sitting back in your home, wanting to have some quiet time alone.

  9. "River Seine" sung by Dean Martin. It is a French classic song and provides the atmospheric peace as well as the elegance of old French songs. This song may be enjoyed like background music or used when you take your someone on a date.

  10. "Dites Moi Tu" by Karpatt. This song is provides relaxation and personifies the laid-back culture of France.
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