10 Best French Songs 2009

The 10 best French songs of 2009 are known for their international status. Embracing European, American, Canadian and African Francophone regions, French top songs incorporate several genres and cultures. 

  1. "J'aimerais tellement"  is a top French tune sung by Jena Lee, coming from her album "Vous Remercier (Thanking You)". Loosely translated I would like so much. A young pop star born in 1987, this Chilean native has enjoyed her stint of fame by this song.   
  2. "Tatoue-moi" is a best French song which was the rave in the eyes and ears of the French public. Tattoo me has captured audiences so that it remained at the number one position for about five weeks. Mikelangelo Loconte incorporated this song into the album , "Tatoue-moi".   
  3. "Ah… Si Tu Pouvais Fermer Ta Gueule…" by Patrick Sébastien is a top French song which peaked in 2009. Meaning "Oh, If You Could Shut Your Mouth", this song had the French  listenerships doing anything but shutting their mouths. Patrick Sebastien or Patrick Boutot is an illustrious comedian, actor, film producer and singer. 
  4. "KM Même Pas Fatigués" by Magic System and Khaled is another top-hitting French song in 2009. It reached the number one position and stayed there for a record seven weeks. In English, it says, "Not Even Tired". Magic System, an Ivorian trio and Khaled performed this tireless song.  
  5. "Ça m'énerve" is another French best French hit single of 2009 sung by Helmut Fritz. "That irritates me" clearly did not irritate the French crowd as this song stuck in the number one place for ten weeks and number two for another ten weeks. The album which encloses this hit is "En Observation (By Observation)".  
  6. "Toi et Moi" by Grégoire Boissenot aka Grégoire is a French best song in 2009. You and Me topped the French charts and eventually caught fire in Swedish and Belgian circles. The album known by the same name, "Toi et Moi" scored well with four singles making it to popularity.
  7. "Ici Les Enfoirés (Here are the Bastards)" by Les Enfoirés was a best French song which reached high status  "Ici Les Enfoirés (Here are the Bastards)" by Les Enfoirés was a best French song which reached the top on the music charts. Starting as a group which sang to raise money for charities during the Christmas holidays, the Enfoires shot to fame by this song.    The album "Les Enfoires Font Leur Cinema" contains this song. 
  8. "C'est dans l'Air" performed by Mylene Jeanne Gautier Farmer, a French Canadian, is a tune which comes from her album "Point de Suture ("Stitch")". The English title, "It's in the Air" was  in the French atmosphere for quite a while as several enjoyed this tune. Although it stayed only one week in number one, it entered among the top French songs.
  9. "Liberta" by Pep is a best French 2009 song, which contains a mixture of French, Italian and English. This international tune was released since 2001 but got attention in 2009. Standing at number one in France and number two in Belgium, this popular rhythm sings of freedom. 
  10. "Calle Ocho" by Pitbull enjoyed top status on the top French, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss, German and US charts, putting down roots for 23 weeks. This American rapper headed the music charts for six weeks, taking French audiences by storm.   
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