10 Best French Techno Songs

These 10 French Techno songs are all extremely great to enjoy at any time. If you love techno or house music, you'll find these French songs absolutely superb.

  1. Vive la fete, "Bananasplit": This techno song is upbeat and great fun to listen to. With joyful female vocals, it's a great techno song if you're looking for something to dance to. It's truly a superb techno song.
  2. M83, "We own the Sky": This song has an ambiant-techno beat to it, making a unique and enjoyable combination. This english-singing French band does a great job at bringing exceptional techno beats in this song. You definitely will find yourself playing it over and over again.
  3. Yelle, "Je Veux te Voir": Yelle has made a great impact in France and overseas. It is no surprise, as songs like "Je Veux te Voir" have great beats and excellent lyrics. This song is extremely catchy and great to dance to.
  4. Kate Ryan, "Libertine": This song has great French lyrics and an overall dynamic techno beat. The lyrics are as strong as the instrumental choices. You  definitely don't want to miss out on this top French techno song.
  5. Yelle, "A Cause des Garcons": This song has become popular for the amazing Techtonik dance moves featured in the music videos. Because of its great beats and excellent sound it has become a popular song to learn or demonstrate Techtonik. It has become an iconic French Techno song.
  6. Riot in Belgium, "La Musique": This great techno song has a slower techno pace, but still exceptional instrumental techno sounds. The song is a great dance song for a club or party. It's definitely one of the best French techno songs you'll find.
  7. Le Doux Souris, "C'est avec un message": This song starts off slowly, gradually developing into a great techno song with exceptional electronic beats. It's one you'll definitely find yourself enjoying over and over. The female vocals are perfectly paired with the instrumental choices.
  8. Laurent Garnier, "Flashback": A slightly darker-edged French techno song, this one is perfect for clubbing. The beat is diverse, yet consistently enjoyable. This song is one of techno's greatest.
  9. David Guetta, "Gettin' Over You": A collaboration with Fergie, LMFAO, and Chris Willis, Guetta provides exceptional techno beats to this song. There is no question why David Guetta has gained such international attention – this song shows his musical talent is unsurpassed. The song is powerful because of Guetta's great techno skills.
  10. Daft Punk, "Technologic": Few people realize Daft Punk is a French band, but this band certainly knows how to bring masterful French Techno beats. This song in particular has a great blend of electronic and techno sounds, making for an exceptional song. Technologic is artistically composed to make the ultimately enjoyable song.
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