10 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are an excellent way to honor a friendship and here are 10 best friend tattoo ideas. Tattoos are forever, so what better way to commemorate your relationship with your best friend than by coordinating or matching tattoos.

  1. Inside joke If there's an inside joke that you and your best friend(s) have had forever, that's an excellent idea for a best friend tattoo. Inside jokes are something that have special meaning to you and your friend(s), so using an inside joke would be a very unique idea for a tattoo.
  2. Yin and yang Yin yangs represent balance, so that would be a good idea for a tattoo idea. Yin yangs work for matching or simply coordinating tattoos. Both of you could get the full yin yang, or you each could get one half of the tattoo.  
  3. Lock and skeleton key If you're simply after a coordinating tattoo, a lock and key would be a good idea for you and your best friend. One of you could have the lock tattoo and the other could get the skeleton key tattoo. The lock and key symbolizes trust in each other and only works as a set.
  4. Best friend's favorite animal A more subtle idea for a best friend tattoo is getting your best friend's favorite animal as a tattoo. He/she could get your favorite animal as a tattoo as well.
  5. Infinity symbol Yet another idea for a more subtle friendship tattoo is the infinity symbol. Obviously, the infinity symbol means forever. An infinity symbol is a tattoo that could be done really big, really small or in-between.
  6. Famous quote about friendship Using a famous quote is another idea for best friend tattoos because there are many to choose from. Quote tattoos also work for tattoos that can be matched or just coordinated. You and your best friend can both get the full quote or you could both get half of the quote.
  7. Lyrics to your favorite songs Like an inside joke, using a favorite song lyric would be unique to you and your friend. And like a quote tattoo, a song lyric tattoo can either be matching or coordinating.
  8. Puzzle pieces A puzzle piece tattoo is another unique idea for a friendship tattoo. This tattoo design is also good in the fact that they can be smaller tattoos and discreetly placed. When designing your tattoos, it's suggested to use actual locking puzzle pieces as a template for your design.
  9. Chinese or Japanese symbols for friendship Japanese and Chinese symbols are quite popular for tattoos. Symbol tattoos are versatile in the fact that they can be placed virtually anywhere on the body. Just be sure that the symbol you'd like to get actually means what you think it means before you get it permanently inked on yourself.
  10. Best friend broken heart pieces The best friend broken heart pieces are another idea to consider when looking for coordinating best friend tattoos. One of you can get the left side of the heart and other can get the right side.
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