10 Best Friends With Benefits Songs

Listening to the 10 best friends with benefits songs is something everyone that is in that situation can enjoy. If you find that you are great together at times and other times you can't stand one another, you might be considering keeping the relationship casual, more commonly known as being friends with benefits. 

  1. "Friends with Benefits": Randy Rogers Band explains it all in this song if you don’t know what this phrase means yet. They don’t have to tell anyone about what they have, for having that, they’ve got nothing to lose at all.
  2. "Head Over Feet": Alanis Morisette sings one of the best friends with benefits songs with "Head Over Feet", a track from her 1995 album called "Jagged Little Pill". She sings about how she fell in love with somebody with whom she was friends with benefits.
  3. "Say Goodbye": From their album "Crash" that was released in 1996, Dave Matthews Band wrote this song about a girl who is a good friend of his that became a friend with benefit one time when they were stranded.
  4. "Benefits of Lying": Indeed, there are benefits of lying with your friend if she’s a good company in bed.  That’s what Apples in Stereo point out in their lyrics of this songs.
  5. "Friends and Lovers": In this 1985 duet by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson, the two sing about two people questioning if they should be friends, lovers or both. The characters in the song are really in a dilemma about what to do.
  6. "Want It, Need It": Plies and Ashanti sing in a duet one of the best friends with benefits songs. Much like the song title, their lyrics are all straight up, no metaphors that are hard to understand. Once you hear this song, you will already know what it means.
  7. "Dilemma": Sometimes, having friends with benefits will lead to a dilemma. This is what is portrayed by this song from Nelly and Kelly Rowland.  It deals with a married woman who gets involved with another guy. Because both are attracted to each other, they are now in a dilemma.
  8. "Dirty Little Secret": From the band All American Rejects comes one of the best friends with benefits songs. In this song, this guy wants his friend with benefit to keep everything a secret, a dirty little secret as he calls it. This is so because both of them might regret it if they let anyone know about what they have.
  9. "Shut Up and Sleep With Me": Sin with Sebastian became famous because of this song. The guy in the song is asking a girl to sleep with him, despite not liking the girl for who she is. Well, that indeed is what being friends with benefits is about.
  10. "Cuddy Buddy": Featuring Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and Twista, Mike Jones released another one of the best friends with benefits songs. Knowing that the girl is attracted to him, the guy asks her to be his friend with benefit, or as he referred to in the song, his cuddy buddy.

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