10 Best Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars

What are the ten best fuel efficient luxury cars? As the time is passing and we are becoming more and more advanced in technology and aware of environment protection, the production of fuel efficient luxury cars are increasing. Car manufacturers now know the demands of people in terms of fuel consumption, price and luxury of cars they use. So the newer models of the cars nowadays have all the above features in quantities required by the people. Here are the ten best fuel-efficient luxury cars in the world.

  1. BMW 335d”: It is the best fuel-efficient luxury car. BMW has high standards when it comes to providing the luxury to their customers. But this model of their luxury sedans does the best mileage in a liter.
  2. “Lexus RX 450h”: This is known for consuming very less fuel and providing extra luxurious drive to its customers.  
  3.  “2010 Acura TSX” : This car is a beautiful car with a comfortable interior and comprehensive drive. Also with all the above luxuries this car is very fuel efficient and eco-friendly.
  4.  “Audi TT Coupe”: Audi engineers this in such a way that it consumes very little fuel and manages to provide excellent drive. It is one of the best fuel-efficient luxury cars in the world.
  5. “2010 Volvo S40”: It is a miracle of advanced engineering when it comes to fuel efficiency and high performance. This good-looking luxurious convertible is among the top fuel-efficient luxury cars of the world.
  6.  “2010 Lexus IS 250”: This is a new, improved, smarter and better-looking model by Toyota. It has a special advanced technology engine that is highly fuel efficient and increasingly high-performance. 
  7. “2010 Audi A4”: This is a very elegant car both from inside and outside but more importantly it has an engine that consumes a very less power.
  8. “2010 Porsche Cayman”: This car travels a lot of distance in one gallon of fuel. This car is extraordinarily stylish and luxurious and still it manages to be among the top fuel-efficient luxury cars of the world.
  9. “2010 Lotus Elise”: This has a small sporty design to its structure. This car uses less fuel in comparison to other sports cars in the world.
  10. Volvo C30”: This is one of the models by Volvo that has made its reputation around the world for its reliability and effective performance.
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