10 Best Fun Country Songs

The 10 best fun country songs will pick you up out of your deepest funk. While country music has a reputation of being full of tear-jerking, heart-breaking songs, there are plenty of fun country songs that are great for livening up a party and singing along out loud. Some of the songs are classics and some are more modern, but they all have one thing in common: they're all kinds of fun to listen to and sing with.

  1. "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks – this is one of the most fun country songs ever written. Anyone that's ever been dissed by an ex can understand right where it's coming from. The live version is the best, because it includes the "secret" verse that everyone loves to sing along to.
  2. "Long Haired Redneck" by David Allan Coe – This is a fun country song to sing along with on the jukebox in a sketchy road side dive. In fact, part of the song alludes to Coe performing in little dive bars just like that.
  3. "Family Tradition" by Hank Williams, Jr. – Anyone who knows even a little about country music is most likely aware of the ups and downs in the life of Hank Williams, Jr – and in that of his father. But Bocephus doesn't sit back and cry about it; he wrote a fun country song about it. Don't blame Jr. for his bad habits – it just runs in the family! It's also got a great audience participation part in the chorus.
  4. "Some Beach" by Blake Shelton – Every had one of those days where you wanted to cuss somebody out? Well, so has Blake Shelton – but instead he uses a little play on words to turn it around and just wish he were on 'some beach' far away from his problems.
  5. "Take This Job and Shove It" by Johnny Paycheck – This is a song that anyone who's ever had a job can relate to! We've all had days where we wanted to tell the boss just where he could put it.
  6. "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" by David Allan Coe – Yes, Coe's on the list again, and this song certainly deserves to be here. While the song itself is a typical country song about a broken heart, it's the last verse that makes it a fun country song. Coe's song writing buddy Steve Goodman decided to make this the perfect country song by adding a verse with references to Mama, trains, pickups, jail, and drunkenness. The resulting verse is hilarious.
  7. "I'm Gonna Miss Her" by Brad Paisley – Any man who's ever had to choose between his woman and his favorite activity will absolutely understand where Brad's coming from in this song. When given an ultimatum, he decided fishing was more important than his woman.
  8. "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins – This song is an homage to all the girls in the bar with the big booties swinging back and forth to the rhythm. It's a lot of fun for singing and dancing along with.
  9. "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" by Joe Nichols – This fun country song is about someone we've all known – the girl that loses control after a couple shots of tequila. The lyrics are funny and the melody is catchy.
  10. "I Don't Even Know Your Name" by Alan Jackson – For all you guys that have woken up the morning after not too sure of what all you did the night before. Just be glad you didn't end up like Alan Jackson in this song, married to a waitress whose name he can't seem to recall!
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