10 Best Funeral Songs

The 10 best funeral songs can be emotional pieces of music that bring back fond memories of the deceased. They can be religious songs, traditional songs or a favorite song of the person who has passed away. If you are trying to find an appropriate song for the memorial, consider one of the best funeral songs.

  1. "Amazing Grace" (1779) John Newton Playing "Amazing Grace" at a funeral on an organ or bagpipes can set an emotional and appropriate setting to remember the dearly departed. Its lyrics encapsulate the feelings that many people have when they are preparing to say goodbye to a loved one forever.
  2. "My Way" (1969) Paul Anka In some cases, the deceased may have felt that "My Way," in some way, expressed the way he lived his life or it may remind friends and family of their time together with him. Either way, this is definitely a song that belongs on the list of best funeral songs.
  3. "Take Me Home Country Roads" (1971) John Denver This song makes the list of best funeral songs because it helps paint a calm and pleasing picture that might help family members to cope at the ceremony. It has a slightly upbeat tempo and appropriate lyrics that can make it a good song to use at a funeral.
  4. "The Dance" (1990) Tony Arata "The Dance" was a song recorded by country music star Garth Brooks and can be very powerful at a funeral. The song talks about being grateful for the time a couple had together and that is what makes it a perfect entry in the list of ten best funeral songs.
  5. "Thank You" (1969) Robert Plant / Jimmy Page This is a beautiful song by heavy rock band Led Zeppelin that deserves to be on the list of the ten best funeral songs. It is a eulogy in itself that tells of the love between two people and how strong that love can be.
  6. "How Great Thou Art" (1885) Carl Boberg If your family is religious, "How Great Thou Art" is one of the ten best funeral songs for its uplifting lyrics. Elvis Presley recorded a very powerful version of this song that can help lift the family's spirits in a very emotional time.
  7. "We'll Meet Again" (1939) Hughie Charles "We'll Meet Again" was made popular by the British singer Vera Lynn. It talks about loved ones meeting again either in this life or the next one. It's thoughtful lyrics make this one of the ten best funeral songs ever.
  8. "Freebird" (1974) Allen Collins / Ronnie Van Zant This country rock favorite can be appropriate for a loved one that was a fan of classic rock or identified with the lyrics in the song. When played in the appropriate setting, this is one of the ten best funeral songs of all time.
  9. "You're My Best Friend" (1976) John Deacon This Queen song is meant as an homage to John Deacon's wife, but the lyrics and melody can be used just as effectively as one of the best funeral songs. Freddie Mercury's piano work and vocals on this song make it a song worthy of remembering a loved one by.
  10. "I'm Already There" (2001) Gary Baker / Frank J. Myers / Richie McDonald This popular song by country band Lonestar has lyrics that many mourning family members can easily identify with. The beauty and message in this song make it one of the best funeral songs available.
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