10 Best Funk Bands

The 10 best funk bands changed the course of rhythm and blues and soul music by adding a psychedelic element along with the epic, booty-shaking beat. The 10 best funk bands were like aliens descended from another planet covered in digital sweat, bringing a message of music unity to the masses. Here they are, the hardest-hitting rock and soul groups ever, the 10 best funk bands:

  1. Funkadelic. George Clinton, the king of funk, descended from his Mothership with two related, yet different bands. Funkadelic was the more out-there of the two, and as such pushed the boundaries of funk music into the stratosphere with albums like "Maggot Brain" and "One Nation Under a Groove." They top the list of the 10 best funk bands of all time.
  2. Sly & The Family Stone. Funk originator Sly Stone's merry band was a multi-racial, inter-gender polyglot of rock, soul, and everything else with a beat that could make anyone dance, taking everybody "Higher." Before George Clinton came around, the Family Stone would have easily topped the list of the 10 best funk bands.
  3. Parliament. The more pop-single oriented side of George Clinton's empire, Parliament was still at the top of the funk pyramid. "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off That Sucker)" was their anthem.
  4. The JB's James Brown's instrumental funk combo featured Maceo Parker on sax and dropped tons of hot jams. They are easily one of the 10 best funk bands of all time.
  5. The Meters. New Orleans deep-funk artists the Meters may never have had mainstream success, but they were truly influential. Many hip-hop artists have sampled grooves from this entry on our best funk bands list.
  6. Prince & The Revolution. Prince was not necessarily primarily a funk artist, but live, with his band, he could work up a groove like no other in the early eighties. "When Doves Cry" is probably the funkiest song ever to not include bass.
  7. The Ohio Players. Ride the "Love Rollercoaster" and get set on "Fire" by this entry on our list of the best funk bands of all time. They brought a horn-laded sound to seventies soul.
  8. War. Originally led by one of the funkiest white boys of all time, Eric Burdon of the Animals, War went on to craft some of the deepest funk of the seventies. "Low Rider" is still an anthem of bass groove.
  9. The Average White Band. Despite the fact that it's in their name, it's hard to believe the groove masters behind "Pick Up the Pieces" are actually white. Their grooves were so good they even appeared on "Soul Train."
  10. Earth, Wind & Fire. Taking funk to the pop charts with "Shining Star," Earth, Wind & Fire had harmonies to go along with the deep grooves. They are the final entry on our list of the 10 best funk bands. 
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