10 Best Funk Songs

For summer amusement, invite the family over, fire up the grill, sit back with a cold one and watch the old aunts and uncles argue about what the ten best funk songs are. The same thing could happen over a game of playing cards or at a wedding. A unique R&B sub-genre, the only way to enjoy the funk is to have a listen.

  1. “(Not Just)Knee Deep” Parliament Funkadelic/George Clinton. Pfunk defined a sound that is unmistakable and irreplaceable. This jam sounds just as good as it did the day it was released and will always be one of the best funk songs ever. Known for making songs up to twenty minutes long, Pfunk lets the instruments practically play themselves. All you gotta do is dance.
  2. “Superfreak” Rick James. The song that inspired MC Hammer’s platinum selling rap hit is a funk classic. The baseline is infectious as is Rick James’ over-the-top soul sound.
  3. “Get Off” Foxy. Funky with a gay disco twist, this song set fire to the dance floors at the time of its release. Sampled and manipulated many times, it uses a variety of punk funk effects to create one the most fun songs you’ll ever hear.
  4. “More Bounce to the Ounce” Zapp. The granddaddy of bass funk and electro boogie, this song is one of the most sampled tracks ever. A forerunner of the Auto-Tune movement, the effect sounds perfectly at home on this funk masterpiece from the Troutman brothers.
  5. “Flirt” Cameo. The electro funk, bass beat of this track is a predecessor to the heavy bass sound of several rap tracks. The instrument arrangement is symphonic for a song of this style and settles perfectly into the beat. You can't help but dance to this funk track.
  6. “Ffun” Con Funk Shun. With the word “funk” in the name of the group, they’re expected to have some good funk tunes. And they don’t disappoint. Heavy on the horns, this song is as fun as its title and is one of the best songs to dance to.
  7. “Burn Rubber” Gap Band. The funky bass guitar starts this one off and combined with the hand claps and guitar riff makes it one monster funk jam. Lead singer Charlie Wilson’s black southern, country vocal style feels right at home on this ballad about a man being left by his girl.
  8. “Square Biz” Teena Marie, aka Lady T, the Vanilla Child, is the definition of “white chocolate.” This funky dance floor song is right at home on this list due to the flavor of this petite soul singer. Any white woman singing about collard greens and cornbread has got to be a funk diva.
  9. “Watching You” Slave. Steve Arrington’s vocal style is unique and unmistakable on this track. The bass guitar slide and the general vibe make this funk song perfect for a summer picnic at the park.
  10. “Flashlight” Parliament Funkadelic/George Clinton. Only Pfunk could make songs that made no sense at all. But with music this good, it really doesn’t matter.
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