10 Best Funny Arab Rap Lyrics

Arabs in America or in the Middle East have created some of the best funny Arab rap lyrics around. These songs rap about Arabian lifestyle in the Middle East or the United States and these funny Arab rap songs look like they are here to stay. Here are some funny Arab rap lyrics.

  1. "Lahme Song" This is a funny Arab rap song about meat. It has two Arab rapping in English and Arab about their infatuation with the meat they eat. They say that “whether it there or here, they will drive for an hour because Lahme gives them power.”
  2. "Hummus" This rap by Goremy is all about food. He says, “It’s the best, beats the rest when you seem to need a paste with some taste to put on your pita.”  This rap jokes about how Arabs cannot get enough of their hummus.
  3. "Arab – The Rap" This is another song with one of the best funny Arab rap lyrics around performed by Arab-American rapper Goremy. It is a narrative of an Arab describing himself. “I'm not that Arab with the guns trying to be dead. I am that Arab with the hummus and the pita bread.” Beneath the humorous undertones, Goremy tells of how much in common everyone has with Arabs.
  4. "A-rap Food" This rap song is by Arab Rapper eMac. It has some funny Arab rap lyrics talking about the familiar topic of Arab food. He raps that Arabs are just the same eating habits, just a bit different: “We eat eggs, too, but just without the pig.”
  5. "MacDonald’s" This rap song is by Arab rapper MC Hamza. He raps about his obsession with McDonald’s and his trip to the fast food chain. Despite the simplistic topic, this song contains some funny rap lyrics by this Arab rapper.
  6. "Hey There Khalilah" This hilarious rap song by Goremy tells of a letter to his girlfriend Khalilah in Baghdad. He tells her of his time at the improv as a comedian: “I'm bombing really bad this time. No, not that kind…”
  7. "Saudis in Audis" This is a rap song poking a little fun at the extravagant Saudis. The rapper is talking about how decked out his car is: “It has everything you need, even a mustache holder.” The funny Arab rap lyrics tell us that when their Audi is low on gas, they just need to put the tube in the ground to fill up.
  8. "Tabbouleh Song" This is a rap song about the Arab salad tabbouleh. Its funny rap lyrics talk of the obsession and love for tabbouleh. The rapper tells us that he loves tabbouleh so much it makes him shake his booty.
  9. "She Thinks My Camel's Sexy" This song with funny Arab rap lyrics talks about how the rapper’s girlfriend “thinks his camel’s sexy.” The rapper says he is happy to “finally find a girl I try to kiss who doesn't hit me.”
  10. "Opposites Attract (I Can't Dance…)" This song with funny Arab rap lyrics tells of the rapper’s love for an Arab girl. The lyrics tell of the difference they face since “he can't dance and she can't vote."
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