10 Best Funny Asian Rap Songs

The integration of Asian cultures with Western Rap popularity has spawned some of the best funny Asian rap songs ever heard. Delivered in formats of English, Chinese, or Korean, these rap songs have the common element of gangster rap, rhythm, and loads of humor. Despite what you may think, these Asian Rap songs are here to stay. We will look at some of the best funny Asian rap songs.

  1. Macdonald’s Rap” This freestyle rap by Asian rapper Tai Mai Shu is in English with a Chinese accent. Its starts with the usual gangster rap topics but has a chorus that talks about how he wishes he was in Macdonald’s so he can get a hamburger for twenty nine cents!
  2. Ji Pa Ban” This Rap Song combines Rapping with the Asian obsession with making money. The title of this song means “1 million dollars”.  The song talks about what would one would do with a million dollars
  3. The Miyagi ( Wax On-Wax Off)” The Rap by Donkey Star is one of the funniest Asian rap Songs around. Sung by the talented Asian Rap group, the rap song is a parody of Mr Miyagi from “The Karate Kid.”
  4. Chinese Freestyle” This Rap is by Asian Rapper CKY. Despite the hilarious Rap lyrics, CKY possesses the rhythm and foul mouth talent of any American street rapper to make this work.
  5. Lay Tien Cho Gai” This is Viet Rap at its finest. There are 2 elements to this funny Asian rap Song. The language and the video. PhongLe does a great in this rap song!
  6. Iron Bamboo Gangster Rap” This rap song by Iron Bamboo has all the trappings of a good Ganster Rap song. The music Video is shot in the US with a Chinese “crew.”
  7. Kawanku” This funny Asian rap song is performed by Malaysian artist Namewee. Sung in the Chinese dialect of Hokkien, it makes fun of his Hainanese roots, and talks of life in Malaysia.
  8. Clap Hands” This is another funny Asian rap song by popular Malaysian rapper Namewee. It is a narrative about how he tries to get girls off the internet to take pictures of. This rap song parodies the Asian celebrity exposed sex pictures scandal of that time.
  9. Blood Brothers” This rap song is performed by Indian group Karmacy. It tells of an Indian leaving his home country to make a new life in America. The rap is a dialog between 2 brothers, one in India and the other in America. All in all, its one funny Asian rap song.
  10. My Life” This Funny Rap Song is by Taiwanese Rapper MC Hotdog. It is the story of his life and what he went through to be a rapper.  Hearing his convincing arguments to his parents puts this song into our list of the Best Funny Asian Rap Songs ever.
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