10 Best Funny Chinese Rap Songs

The lovers of comedic hip-hop need to check out the 10 best funny Chinese rap songs. The rap artists from china make some really great songs, but the best of the best are their funny Chinese rap songs. Here are the best funny Chinese rap songs to add to your playlist.

  1. "Macdonald's Rap" The best of the funny Chinese rap songs is one of the few excellent freestyle's by Chinese rapper Tai Mai Shu. The song has the usual signs of gangsta rap music, but then hits you with the funny with a chorus about how he wishes he was at McDonalds to get a hamburger for 29 cents.
  2. "The Miyagi(Wax on-wax off)" This is the best of the funny Chinese rap songs by a group.  The rap group that has this hit is known as Donkey Star. This song is a hilarious parody of Mister Miyagi of "The Karate Kid" fame.
  3. "Iron Bamboo Gangsta Rap." One of the best funny Chinese rap songs with amazing humor also had a music video filmed in America. The music video, although shot in America, had an all Chinese crew.  This gangsta rap song was made by Iron Bamboo.
  4. "Chinese Freestyle."  This is the best Chinese rap song by the rapper CKY. CKY has the foul mouth talent and kicking rhythm to match the American hiphoppers, but his best trait is how funny his lyrics are.
  5. "Tie my shoe." Who knew one of the best funny Chinese rap songs would be about tying your shoe. The witty lyrics are one thing, but the over the top goofiness of the content is what make this one of the best funny Chinese rap songs.
  6. "The Chinese Food Rap." The only thing better than Chinese food is the best funny chinese rap songs like this about Chinese food. This funny Chinese rap song is done by Lao Lao & Wai Wai. The song is barely over two minutes long. Not very long, but very funny.
  7. "Mad Skillz The Wrap Up(CKY mix)" The second one of CKY's songs that make the best funny Chinese rap songs is one of the funniest ever. In yet another freestyle CKY shows off his classic wit and why the Chinese have some great humorous hip hop.
  8. "Combo #5." The third funny Chinese rap song that is by Tai Mai Shu is this hit. Tai Mai Shu is a master of the parodies. With this funny song he parodies the song "Mambo #5."
  9. "Chinese Chicken(First Call)." Yet another song by Tau Mai Shu that is on the list of best funny Chinese rap songs. This is another great funny chinese rap song about Chinese food, specifically Chinese chicken.  It's incredibly short, makes very little sense, and is funny as it gets. "Have a drumstick and your brain starts clicking." You don't get any better than that.
  10. "For My Homiez." Iron Bamboo is at it again with another one of the best funny Chinese rap songs. The song is five minutes and ten seconds long and the accent of the Iron Bamboo make it hard not to laugh the whole time.
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