10 Best Funny Freestyle Rap Lyrics

It’s hard to pick the 10 best funny freestyle rap lyrics of all time but here is a list of some fan favorites that definitely deserve to make the list.

  1. Mad Skillz. Skillz’s freestyle on Hot 97’s "Kay Slay Show" definitely has funny freestyle rap lyrics. “Y’all don’t need me in the race again. That’s like Li'l Kim needing a surgeon to touch her face again.” Kay Slay calls it “the hottest freestyle that ever went down” on The Drama Hour.
  2. Eminem. Long known as a battle rapper and freestyle artist extraordinaire, Eminem has numerous funny freestyle rap lyrics. When Marshall Mathers jumped in the booth on Rap City’s "The Basement" he delivered on of the best funny freestyle rap lyrics ever. “I got jelly like Beyonce’s pot belly.”
  3. 50 Tyson. Autistic rapper 50 Tyson is an internet sensation but he dropped the ball with his “For the Ladies” freestyle. His singing makes this song laughable. He gets an “A” for effort with respect to his other songs but when it comes to this particular freestyle “I ain’t gonna lie”; it’s pretty bad.
  4. Big L. The 1998 Freestyle, first heard on the The Stretch Armstrong/Bobbito Show, is Big L at his best with funny freestyle rap lyrics like “I'm far from broke, got enough bread/And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead/My game is vicious and cool/Fucking chicks is a rule/If my girl think I'm loyal then that bitch is a fool.”
  5. Cassidy. Cassidy, also known as “The Problem,” gained notoriety as a battle rapper going toe-to-toe with Philadelphia Freeway. Throughout their classic freestyle battles you can hear Freeway’s boys laughing at him as Cassidy delivers punchline after punchline.
  6. The Barber on Chappelle's Show. During the skit White People Can’t Dance Dave Chappelle, ?uestlove, and John Mayer provide the music and one of the barbers kicks one of the best funny freestyle rap lyrics ever.  “I battle any sex or any race / You beating me is like Billy Crystal playin Scarface / I can't see it, I'm blind to the eyes / I came up in your face / Oops, pow, surprise!”
  7. Drake. If you missed Drake on the Funkmaster Flex Show you missed one of the best funny freestyle rap lyrics ever. Drake scrolls through his Blackberry the entire time looking for rhymes while Flex drops bombs and tries to cover for him. Thanks Drizzy. We needed that.
  8. Tom Green and Xzibit. Three minutes of greatness. We shouldn’t be surprised though. According to Tom Green he’s been rapping since the sixties.  
  9. Southwest Airlines’s Rapping Flight Attendant David Holmes. The former ramp agent turned flight attendant freestyles the preflight announcements and has become a YouTube sensation. Shortly after take-off, first things first/there's soft drinks and coffee to quench your first. Carry-on items go under the seat/in front of you so none of you have things by your feet.”
  10. 50 Cent. 50’s freestyle over Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” beat is hilarious. Even though it’s just one verse, 50 rounds out our ten best funny freestyle rap lyrics of all time list.
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