10 Best Funny Indian Rap Lyrics

Some of the best, funny Indian rap lyrics exist because of the Indian Diasporas mixing in with western pop and rap culture. Indian rappers make fun of everything from Western cultures to making fun of themselves. Below is a listing of some of the best and funniest Indian rap lyrics around.

  1. “Kashi.” This song is a remake of Jay-Z rap song “Jigga My Nigga." It tells of this Indian rappers love for the Indian cereal Kashi. Starting out by telling listeners the importance of breakfast, he says that if Kashi was a girl he would make Kashi his wife.  
  2. “Crank dat Curry Sauce." Indian Rappers Uncle Vijay and Uncle Ramesh perform this song with the funniest Indian rap lyrics around. It is a satire about Indians cooking curry. The chorus of  “Watch us crank dat curry sauce and then rehydrate our souls with mango juice!” gives you the jist of this hilarious rap song.
  3. “Taxi." This song with incredibly funny Indian rap lyrics is by “Curry Puff Daddy”. This rap is a narrative of – you guessed it – and Indian taxi driver. “Curry Puff Daddy” mixes parts of this rap with Indian food and naughty bits (“Driving in my taxi dreaming of my Roti, girls looking so sexy, try not to be naughty”).
  4. “Thank You, Come again." This rap number is from Indian Rapper CDawg Skinny. CDawg Skinny has some of the funniest Indian rap lyrics in this song stereotyping the Indian as a 7-11 attendant. The song is a narrative of the Indian clerk at 7-11. One of the funny lyrics of this Indian rap song is the chorus “would you like to buy a slurpee? Come again”
  5. “Petelscope 1.” This is a medley of rap songs in by Devang Patel. It is a parody of songs like “Barbie Girl” with an Indian Barbie twist. Besides having the funniest Indian rap lyrics, this song has a pretty hilarious Music Video version.
  6. “The sari (w)Rap." This funny rap number is by the funny and sexy comedian Rasika Mathur. The sari (w)rap is an instructional rap on how to put on an Indian Sari with the funniest Indian rap lyrics ever. This song include a cameo voice over from Rasika’s father
  7. “Diary Of A Badman.” This is a rap song from Indian rappers Humza and Ameh. The satire is about a “bad man” battle rapping against his mother! The mother comes on in the second half of the rap and lays all the Indian guilt on the “Badman."
  8. “Welcome to India.” This is a Parody of “Welcome to Detroit” performed by MC Vikram and Luda Krishna. The chorus includes some of the funniest Indian rap lyrics – “Welcome to India where the cows eat hay, and we drive auto-rickshaws everyday, Goat meats, yummy sweets, wild monkeys roaming, The roosters don’t crow till five in the morning!” What makes it even funnier is the Indian accent it was performed in.
  9. “Threading Rap – A song for Hairy Girls.” This song with funny Indian rap lyrics is by my favorite Indian comedian – Rasika Mathur.  The rap is an instructional for hairy Indian women on how to thread their excess hair. This topic is enough to see some of the best and funniest Indian rap lyrics ever.
  10. “Tipsingh.” This rap song is a spoof the J-Kwon’s Tipsy. It is about a westernized Punjabi boy and how he pokes fun at his parent and other Sihks in the temple. When you have new world clashing with old traditions in a rap song, some of the funniest Indian rap lyrics ever are found.
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