10 Best Funny Rap Battles

The 10 best funny rap battles run the gamut from genuine clashes of rap’s titans to head-scratching weirdness hilarity. You’ll find some truly great songs, but a lot of garbage.

  1. MC Hammer vs. Jay-Z The Jay-Z/MC Hammer battle is funny for a number of reasons, chief among which is the fact that Jay-Z didn’t even bother responding because Hammer’s diss was so whack. In the fall of 2010, now pastor Hammer put out a video featuring a Jay-Z look alike being baptized by the MC, who is too legit to quit.
  2. Eminem vs. Benzino The Source co-founder Benzino is one of the most whack MCs in history, a point he proved by taking on Eminem. On “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin,” Em ripped Benzino a new one with hilarious results. Without a doubt one of the best funny rap battles.
  3. Dr. Dre and Ezy-E Neither one of these guys is a particularly good lyricist. Dre is a great producer, Ezy was a great hype man, but we all know that Cube was writing their rhymes. What makes this one of the best funny rap battles is the blunt stupidity of their digs, all of which desperately try to make another out to be gay.
  4. John Cena vs. A Fan This is one of the best funny rap battles on account of its sheer stupidity. Cena trades freestyle barbs with a fan outside of an event or at least that’s what we’re supposed to think. Actually, it’s two relatively unintelligent white guys tossing vaguely insulting sentences at each other that occasionally rhyme. It’s horrible.
  5. Game vs. G-Unit The G-Unit side of this battle is totally lame. What makes it so funny is both the vitriol and humor coming from Game. While Game used songs like 400 bars to rip his former homies a number of new orifices, he also orchestrated laugh-out-loud tracks like “Olivia,” a mock soul song about G-Unit’s female member.
  6. Busta Rhymes vs. Some Kid This battle is actually pretty cool. Busta returned to his high school to talk to kids and battled a student. The two were respectful of one another and all about the hip-hop, though some kid in the crowd disrespects Bust and he gets pwned. There are also some pretty funny lyrics exchanged.
  7. Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris Abe Lincoln more or less annihilates Chuck Norris in the “Epic Rap Battle of History” series. There are references to Gettysburg, freeing the slaves and countless classic Chuck Norris quotes like “I attack sharks when I smell them bleed.” It’s one of the best funny rap battles.
  8. Ice Cube vs. NWA This certainly wasn’t funny to everyone involved, but it retrospect you can’t help but laugh cause it’s so unfair. Ice Cube wrote every good lyric that ever came out of NWA, so when the group’s management put out a song critical of him they dug their own grave. Cube hit back with “No Vaseline,” the title of which says it all.
  9. Common vs. Westside Connection Commonly sited as one of the top rap battles of all time, this throwdown is also one of the funniest. Why? Because Ice Cube and his L.A. gangsta brethren got their asses handed to them by Common, one of the most wholesome MCs of all time. Who thought he was capable of “The Bitch in Yoo?”
  10. “MC Jin vs. Everyone” Jin is a Chinese-American freestyle specialist well known for slaying pretty much everyone who dared oppose him on BET’s short-lived 2001 show “Freestyle Fridays.” Look no further than this one line for proof of how funny this guy: “She had my eggroll and my dumplings in her mouth.”
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