10 Best Funny Rap Remixes

 Are you ready to laugh out loud at the 10 best funny rap remixes? Funny rap remixes have been around almost as long as rap. They have given new energy to popular rap songs and made superstars out of common people. These funny rap remixes are sure to keep heads nodding and bellies rolling.

  1. MC Pillsbury and the 4 Large Crew” Me So Hungry” This parody of the popular controversial song by 2 Large Crew "Me So Horny" is absolutely hilarious. This song was released in 1990 and was performed by these larger than life performers. Revisit the early 1990s with this catchy tune.
  2.  Weird Al Yankovick “Amish Paradise” This hugely popular song was released on Weird Al Yankovick's "Bad Hair Day" album. This parody of Coolio’s "Gangsta Paradise" drew the praise of everyone, except Coolio. "Amish Paradise" will always be known as one of the funniest rap remixes.
  3.  Adam Sandler and David Spade “Baby Got Jack” This fun rap remix was written and performed by comedy titans Adam Sandler and David Spade. This song begins with “I like small butts” and goes on from there. This laugh out loud rap remix is sure to lead to hysterical laughter.
  4. Michael Adams “Don’t Touch My Junk” Many of the funniest rap remixes are based on politics and current events. This zany rap remix is concerning the intense security measure employed by airline companies. In protest of a pat down, Michael Adams requests, “Don’t touch my junk.”
  5. Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder” Antoine Dodson went from an unknown to web superstar overnight with his hilarious news interview. “Hide Your Sisters, Hide Your Brothers” has been remixed and replayed so many times that there are few people who have missed this remix. This is just an example of how important sights such as YouTube have become.
  6. Miguel G “SpongeBob Squarepants” Anyone with kids has probably learned the words to the theme song of the popular cartoon "SpongeBob Squarepants." This rap remixes features the entire musical beat of the theme song with some amusing changes. This is a rap remix that shouldn’t be missed.
  7. Jason Lewis “99 Problems” This remix of Jay-Z’s hit song "99 problems" has raised internet newcomer Jason Lewis to popularity. This British remix of the song features a granny and many other unexpected guests. Jason Lewis' "99" problems is a laugh out loud funny rap remix
  8. Stacey King “Move” The Ludacris hit song "Move" received great acclaim. This rap remix is a rap remixes to the song that features basketball commentary. The digital engineering of this rap remix is excellent and will entertain even those who do not watch basketball.
  9. Deadly ft. Nuzes “Whateva You Like” Radio stations buzzed with the hit song "Whateva You Like" performed by T.I. This song invites women to eat whatever they like. Even if their neck begins to look like a “Ninja Turtle.”  Prepare to chuckle at this well done rap remix.
  10. Day Old Candy Barack “Obama Wacka Flocka Rap” Parody When observing the video for this funny rap remix, there is a noticeable resemblance between the artist and Barack Obama. The laughs do not stop there are this lighthearted video brings on the giggles. This is one of the best rap remixes on the list.
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