10 Best Funny Rap Videos

There are 10 best funny rap videos that make us laugh while keeping the beat.   While rap videos are known for girls, guns and the harsh portrayal of life on the street, some rappers get their message across in a light and humorous way.  Here are the 10 best funny rap videos that give put the hilarious in hip-hop.

  1. "Without Me" by Eminem.  It takes a special kind of rapper to maintain his cool while dressed as Robin.  Eminem and Dr. Dre save the day comic book style. One of the best rap songs ever laid down and one very very funny video.
  2. "All You Can Eat" by The Fat Boys.  The early days of rap were pretty light and The Fat Boys were definitely one of the most def.  Along with some of the greatest vocal sounds, this video shows the boys in all of their beat boxing, rap styling, pizza eating glory.  Sure the gimmick wore thin after awhile and some of them have lost weight over the years but this video has its place in funny rap video history.
  3. "Sabotage" by The Beastie Boys.  A salute to cheesy 70's cop shows, this video showcases the boys as mustached, sun-glass wearing, undercover officers complete with over the top names ("Fred Kelly as Bunny!), badly animated credits and lots and lots of chases.   Brilliantly directed by acclaimed video and film director Spike Jonze, "Sabotage" leaves no cliché unturned.
  4. "My Name is" by Eminem.  Hi, my name is.  Huh?   My name is.  What? My name is… Slim Shady.  No one knew who Eminem was before the release of his first (and hilarious) video that poked fun at himself as he dresses up as a mad scientist, a ventriloquist dummy, and  even Marilyn Manson.  But everybody remembered his name after Eminem arrived on the scene with this funny video.
  5. "Parents just don't understand" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. A fun slice of 80's cheese that introduced the world to Will Smith and became a rap anthem for all the teens trapped under the watchful eye of parental guidance.  Inoffensive yet somehow rebellious "Parents Just Don't Understand" has that undeniably funny style that still makes people smile today.
  6. "Gimme some More" by Busta Rhymes.  Is it a Bugs Bunny Cartoon on acid or a sped up look at life through a fish eye lens?  Either way, this Busta Rhymes video will crack you right up.  With creativity to spare, Rhymes fast lips combined with the even faster camera movement are grand fun to watch, although we dare you to try and keep up while singing along.
  7. "It's so Cold in the D" by T-Baby.  Not all funny rap videos are intentionally so.  This 'so bad it's good' video went viral after a stint on YouTube.  It's supposed to be poignant and touching.  What it actually IS, however, is hilarious with shots of T-Baby and her posse running around Detroit while singing off-key.  Yes it IS cold in the D (Detroit) but we actually have better rappers than this (although not as funny).
  8. "My Band" by D-12.  Well you've seen Eminem as Robin, you've seen him as Marilyn Manson but ever wonder how he would look in drag?  You can find out in D-12's "My Band" where the group pokes fun at the famous rapper while maintaining their seething jealousy at his success.  A fun little video.
  9. "Clint Eastwood" – Gorillaz.  Gorillaz, the brainchild of alternative rocker Damon Albarn and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett, is a band made for videos.  The animated "Clint Eastwood" features a dentally-impaired band, gorillas dancing thriller-like in a cemetery, and other assorted surreal images set to a catchy yet laid back rap beat. 
  10.  "I'll Bee Dat" – Redman.  Redman breaks the fourth wall as he shows up in various TV programs and commercials.  It's fun to watch Redman as he does aerobics, drinks Redman cola and celebrates sugar coated cereal.  Incredibly funny video to a great song.
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