10 Best Funny Rappers

Some people think hip-hop is all dark and serious, but the 10 best funny rappers have another idea. The punchline has always been a big part of the MC's rhymes, and the funniest rappers have mastered the humorous hook in their songs. Here are the best funny rappers in the history of hip-hop, MCs who bring not only the fire to the microphone, but the funny as well.

  1. Eminem. Em became one of the funniest rappers with his first hit single, "My Name Is," and almost had to prove he was serious afterwards. One of the cleverest MCs out there, Em's punchlines hit hard even as they make audiences of both hip-hop heads and pop fans laugh in hysterical approval.
  2. Ghostface Killah. Few MCs could write a rap about their own son killing his mistress and make it funny, but Ghostface did just that with "Gihad," one of his guest appearances on Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II" album. Ghost's odd sensibility and impeccable rhyming style make him easily one of the ten best funny rappers out there.
  3. Kool Keith. "Keef" has gone through many personae, from the intergalactic gynecologist Dr. Octagon to the sex-master Black Elvis. Kool Keith's rhymes are filthy, strange, sometimes sickening, but always hilarious, enshrining him in the ranks of the ten best funny rappers of all time.
  4. Lil Wayne. Weezy's brought Kool Keith's alien-fetish strangeness to the mainstream, scoring pop hits even though he declares he's from Mars and raps constantly about cunnilingus. Prolific as he is hilarious, Lil Wayne is definitely one of the ten best funny rappers.
  5. Lil B. Southern mixtape rapper Lil B (short for Based God, whatever that means) may be intentionally funny or not. But in his songs where he identifies with a number of white female celebrities ranging from Paris Hilton to Ellen DeGeneres to even J.K. Rowling, he is truly hilarious.
  6. Flavor Flav. Flav brought a much-needed dose of humor to the self-serious Public Enemy. As Chuck D railed against the system, Flav kept it street, making him the greatest hype man of all time and one of the ten best funny rappers in hip-hop history.
  7. Redman. Redman is a genuine jokester, which helps him get away with some of his obsessions, including weed, fat girls, and weed. A good time party hip-hopper, Redman easily belongs with his fellow ten best funny rappers.
  8. Method Man. Like his fellow Wu-Tang Clan associate Ghostface and sometime collaborator Redman, Meth sees the humor in the industry and can make a joke as easily as he can write a hot rhyme. Make no mistake, though, he's no joke; he's just funny, one of the ten best funny rappers of all time.
  9. Biz Markie. A goofball with true DJ cred, Biz made what may be the funniest hip-hop song in history, and one that everyone can relate to, in "Just a Friend." Singing that chorus alone makes him the clown prince of rap.
  10. The Fresh Prince. Long before he was a movie star, Will Smith was the clean-cut Fresh Prince, working on fun jams for the kids with his pal DJ Jazzy Jeff. On cuts like "Parents Just Don't Understand," he underlined the differences between kids and adults with a good sense of humor, making him the perfect closer for our list of the ten best funny rappers. 
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