10 Best Funny Songs About Sex

It's true in that in the movie industry there are certainly an obscene amount of funny sex songs, but it's pretty easy to narrow it down to the 10 best funny songs about sex.  It's safe to say that in at least fifty percent of all songs ever recorded, there's some reference to sex, even if it's obscure. Sometimes music artists choose to insert sex into songs in a funnier way, and even if they choose to do it this way, we're left with a memorable experience and probably get a good laugh. 

  1. "Strokin" The unmistakable song from the artist Clarence Carter is certainly one of the best funny songs about sex, and possibly contains one of the funniest lines in all of music's history: " If my stuff ain't tight enough, you can stick in my WHOO." 
  2. "Dear Penis" From Rodney Carrington, this song makes the sexual aspects of growing older humorous, singing, " You used to watch me shave, now all you do is stare at the floor." It goes without saying that he's talking to a certain part of his body. 
  3. "I'm Too Sexy" This is perhaps the most infamous, best funny songs about sex, provided courtesy of Right Said Fred. Although it's undoubtedly one of the cheesiest songs about sex, everyone has caught themselves singing this at some point, and what red-blooded male hasn't privately sang this while staring in the mirror?
  4. "No Sex In The Champagne Room"  This song by Chris Rock is a prime example of an artist who uses comedy to make sex humorous in music. 
  5. "Sexual Healing" The now infamous song by Marvin Gaye has been used at least once in a man's seduction strategy. Although it's sometimes considered a straight, 'sexy' song, there's something about it that's just down right funny, and can't really be sung with a straight face. 
  6. "Big Balls" Boldly belted out by AC/DC, may not be talking about the act of sex itself, but just the name of the song alone qualifies it for being one of the best funny songs about sex. 
  7. "Mother Lover" This song is from Saturday Night Live, obviously making it one of the best funny songs about sex. Delivered by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, this song tells the story of men who, well, "swap" mothers in order to deliver a good Mother's Day gift. 
  8. "Thumbsuckers" A song written by the delightful creator of wonderful children's books, Mr. Shel Silverstein. Surprisingly enough, this normally kid friendly writer wrote a song about perverts who enjoy sucking on thumbs, this image easily making it one of the best funny songs about sex. 
  9. "F**k Her Gently" This was Jack Black's humorous way of singing a funny song about sex, and of course since Jack Black is behind it, it's bound to be hilarious. 
  10. "Dick In A Box" This is no surprise delivery from Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg by way of Saturday Night LiveWith a title like that, how could this song not tempt you to, well, wrap up a special package for that special someone? 

Listen to any of these funny songs about sex, and you'll get a good laugh. After all, what's funnier to sing about than sex? Well, other than various bodily functions, that is. 

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