10 Best Funny Songs To Dance To

Dancing and laughing are too great things, which is why it is important to know the 10 best funny songs to dance to. In times like these you need to bust out a funny song and bust a move to it. Here are the ten best songs to dance to that are very fun and incredibly funny.

1. "Bohemian Rhapsody":  This almost six minute long rock epic by Queen may not seem so funny at first, but consider the lyrics. This song involves multiple voices, falsettos, long guitar solos and head banging, all of which are prime to be laughed at or imitated by you and your friends on the dance floor.

2. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go": This pop hit by the British pop group Wham was made famous by the movie "Zoolander." Why not recreate the scene on the dance floor with your friends and get into a mime gasoline fight. You may not actually be male models, but the ladies watching will certainly be attracted to you as if you are.

3. "Mr. Roboto": This four minute ballad by Styx is all about robots and takes itself very seriously, only adding to the humor. This song is ripe for some robot action on the dance floor or even breaking out into impromptu impassioned solos. You have to laugh when dancing to this song.

4. "Tik Tok": This "pop" song by Ke$ha on its own is probably one of the most annoying songs mankind has ever known. However, it can become the most hilarious dance song known to man if you fully commit to it and dance ironically to it. Defeat Ke$ha and have a laugh doing it.

5. "Don’t Stop Me Now": This Queen hit was already a great dance song in its own right, but crossed over into the funny boundary with its use in the film "Shaun of The Dead." Why not reenact the scene from that movie on the dance floor? Also, if zombies ever do show up you, will be prepared to defeat them and dance to Queen at the same time!

6. "Trapped in the Closet" (the whole thing): This may seem like an incredibly daunting task to listen to all twelve of these spoken word hip-hop songs by R. Kelly, but just have one listen to the lyrics and you will realize why this song is on the list. Both ridiculous and dance worthy, this song will provide you with more than 45 minutes of laughter and dance.

7. "Hot Stuff":  This classic throwback by Donna Summers is all about showing off what you got, and for the sake of this song you got a lot. So go on the dance floor, shake it and humor will undoubtedly ensue.

8. "It’s Raining Men": This song by Weather Girls is perhaps one of the most famous funny songs to dance to. The premise is so simple, yet so profound. It is raining men and women are happy about it. So get on the dance floor and start raining! In the event of a creeper, use an umbrella.

9. "Get Down On it":  This early 80s hit by Kool and The Gang has been a staple at family reunions and Fourth of July parties ever since its release. If it does not get a smile on your face and get you dancing, almost nothing will.

10. "Everybody Dance Now": This song by C+C Music Factory is the epitome of funny dance songs. Right off the bat it supplies a catchy beat, fun dance moves and humor. You will be tempted to dance and laugh just reading this.

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