10 Best Funny Songs For Kids

Keep kids from creating havoc by entertaining them with these 10 best funny songs for kids. They are mostly songs which have silly rhyming words, with a melody that children find interesting. To keep them even funnier, create some actions, simple ones for the kids to follow. Look forward to a day of fun if you do that.

  1. "Im a Little Piece of Tin": One of the 10 best funny songs for kids, this has a lively melody with very simple words that are really catchy. Be creative enough and create your own words to the song as it is really easy to do so.
  2. "Rubber Ducky": Although this song is best heard when it is sung by Ernie from Sesame Street, kids will still love it when you sing it with them. This song has a great lesson for kids: how to love and care for their possessions.
  3. " Polly Wolly Doodle": First published in 1880, "Polly Wolly Doodle" is another song that is one of the 10 best funny songs for kids. This is really a love song that is disguised as a silly nonsense tune. For kids, they will certainly love it.
  4. "Charmin’ Billy": This is another song that belongs to the 10 best funny songs for kids. It is about a mother and her child named Billy talking about the girl that he wants to marry. When all of you have gotten tired with all the lively songs, then sit down and relax with this one.
  5. "There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea": This song has no real meaning but still, it’s one of the 10 best funny songs for kids. With this, you will keep on repeating the same sentence over and over again, changing only the word hole into log, bump and any other word that you feel is appropriate.
  6. "Brown Squirrel:" This song from the 10 best funny songs for kids will certainly keep you on your toes. For this, not only will you be singing but you will also be dancing to it. You’ll not just do a lot of singing but also of shaking your body.
  7. My Aunt Came Back": This is one of the best campfire songs of all time and is also one of the 10 best funny songs for kids. There are several places included in this song, so you can have a game afterwards finding where those places are located.
  8. "Five Little Monkeys": For the times that you need the kids to get up and be active, this song from the 10 best funny songs for kids will be the best. It has a simple rhyme that they will find wonderful. They will also learn new words and expressions here.
  9.  "Little Bunny Foo Foo": This song, one of the 10 best funny songs for kids tells the story of a little bunny named Foo Foo. This teaches the kids about obedience and what the consequences are when they don’t obey what they are told. 
  10. "The Song that Never Ends": One of the 10 best funny songs for kids is "The Song that Never Ends." It is called that way for you will keep on repeating the verses unless you’ve grown bored or tired of doing so. It is a fun song with a melody that is really good for kids.



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