10 Best Funny TV Characters

Laugh out loud with the 10 best funny sitcom characters. The 10 best funny sitcom characters can always make you laugh after a hard day of mind numbing work. They combine the best and the worst of the human experience and personify things that you may have thought possible. The 10 best funny sitcom characters come as robots, the guy next door and mirror our friends and family. No matter what shape the 10 best funny sitcom characters take, you know they will always leave you with a smile.

  1. Tobias Funke “ Arrested Development” As the closeted brother-in-law of the Bluth family, Tobias is an innuendo on wheels. His failed acting attempts and horrible whining binges had us on the floor every time.
  2. Quagmire “Family Guy” Anyone who can hear “gigity gigity” and not crack a smile you either have no sense of humor or are dead inside. Quagmire may be one of our 10 best funny TV characters, but we still don’t want to know what he does with his blow-up doll.
  3. Lucy “I Love Lucy” You can’t have a list of the 10 bet funny TV characters and not mention the first lady of comedy, Lucille Ball. We dare you to watch the Vitameatavegamin episode and not laugh.
  4. Bender “Futurama” Nothing says funny like a drunk robot. He farts fire and has a smart-ass remark for everything. Anyone who doesn’t think Bender is one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters can kiss his shiny metal butt.
  5. Eric Cartman “South Park” Being a foul-mouthed little racist should make him one of the most repugnant characters on TV. Eric Cartman is one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters because of his dedication to evil and hijinks. And we enjoy watching him get his comeuppance every week.
  6. Mork “Mork and Mindy” Playing “Mork from Ork” introduced the comedic genius of Robin to the world and the rest is history. Being played by one of the greatest comedians of a generation is what makes "Mork from Ork" one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters.
  7. Maxwell Smart “Get Smart” Part Pink Panther, part James Bond, you can’t go wrong with Mel Brooks writing and Don Adams as the amazingly dim Maxwell Smart. Watching Maxwell Smart bungle his through his missions and the introducing the world to the concept of the shoe phone made Maxwell Smart one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters.
  8. Archie Bunker “All in the Family” Known for his explosive temper, Archie Bunker also helped to shed light on the subject of race relations in America with humor and style.
  9. The Bundy’s "Married… With Children” It’s hard to pick one of the Bundys for one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters. Al, the sad sack women’s shoe salesman. Peggy, the poster woman for the neglectful housewife. Bud, the schemer or Kelly, the dingy sex kitten. No matter which one you like, everyone loves the Bundy’s. They had the kind of dysfunctional love that made all of our families seem normal and we love them for that.
  10. Fraiser Crane “Fraiser” A lot of people dismissed this show, calling it too high brow but his combination of high concept humor and low brow antics is what makes Fraiser one of the 10 best funny sitcom characters. 
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