10 Best Gangsta Party Songs

When the house is packed and lowriders are parked on the lawn the ten best gangsta party songs are sure to be heard coming from the stereo. You don’t have to be a gangsta to love these songs, but you might feel like one after listening to them.  Here’s the list: 

  1. "Gangsta Party"– Tupac – Gangstas love to party. And they love to do it to the beat of their very own song. Pac brought them all to the dance floor with this track that sounds as good at a house party as it does in the club.
  2. "Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang"– Dr. Dre – This classic song from one of rap’s all-time greatest producers ushered in the “Chronic” era. It had all the gangstas waving one hand in the air and puffing on their chronic with the other. With guest vocals from Snoop Dogg, this song helped take gangsta music mainstream and is a must-have at any gangsta party.
  3. "Gin and Juice"– Snoop Doggy Dogg – You can’t have a party without the drink. You can’t even be a gangsta if you don’t drink. Snoop introduced the world to his favorite beverage in this classic gangsta groove and had everybody sipping, smoking and singing along.  "G's up, Ho's down."
  4. "Tonight" – DJ Quick – Nothing like a song about a party to get the party started. Quik’s ode to the night makes you want to go get a 40-ouncer and, in his words “get bent.”  A classic gangsta tune from one of rap’s O.G.s.
  5. "Gangsta Gangsta" – N.W.A. – One of the original gangsta rap songs, it’s the O.G. of the genre. This is the anthem of the flannel wearing, bandana waving, low-pants-sagging set. You can’t have a decent gangsta party without this one.  
  6. "California Love" – Dr. Dre & Tupac – California is home to the original gangstas and this song shouts out love to the boys and girls in red and blue. With Tupac and Dr. Dre. teaming up, you can’t go wrong with this song.
  7. "Gangsta Music" – Young Jeezy – This one’s for the hardcore gangstas who don’t dance. They just nod their heads. Even a gansta party has to, well, keep it gangsta.
  8. "How I Could Just Kill a Man" – Cypress Hill – Not all gangstas are killers but the ones who love this song are. It's loud and braggadocios. But best of all, it answers a simple question. “How I could just kill a man.” 
  9. "On My Block" – Scarface – Every gangsta likes to rep their ‘hood. That’s what all the hand signs are about.  In this song Scarface takes a trip down memory lane in his own ‘hood. It’s a nice and easy tune to nod your head to.
  10. "Mary Jane" – Rick James – Every gangsta likes a few oldies and no party would be complete without something slow to dance to. You can’t bump elbows with the homies all night. What better way to slow it down than with this classic love song. All real gangstas love “Mary Jane. ”
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