10 Best Gangsta Rap Songs

The 10 best gangsta rap songs of all time are very hard to identify with new up and coming rappers. Rap music has not always been seen the same as it has today and has taking a turn for more positive inspiration. Each rapper executes their music in different ways and receive different responses from fans. The following list below will provide the 10 best gangsta rap songs.

  1. "What Up Gangsta" 50 Cent wrote this song with his friends in mind, and used it as a form of speaking. In this song 50 Cent refers to his friends as "gangstas" and "hustlers." This form of speaking is a language that 50 cent and his friends are both familiar with.
  2. "Hate It or Love It" Game speaks from a personal perspective and states throughout the song that if you don't hate it love it. Game gives different scenarios as to when he gives a woman a moment to hate it or love it. This statement is something the game has experienced in his life and feels as though it's important for others to know.
  3. "Runnin"  The remix with 2Pac and Biggie was a very interesting song considering the two rappers were considered rivalries. This song included tips on how to run from the police, and how life to them feels like all their doing is running. Both 2Pac and Biggie had very troubled upbringings and this song reflected their lifestyle.
  4. "New York Streetz" Saigon was a very dedicated artist and in this song Saigon takes us to the New York streets. This songs lets us know of all the places that Saigon has experienced in New York. Some of Saigon's most powerful memories happened in the streets of New York.
  5. "Down & Out" Cam'ron put this song in the mind of others as to be a encouraging song. This songs talks about how it feels when your down and out and what it is that Cam'ron does when these situations occur. Cam'ron brings us into his everyday life and how he copes with things when he's down and out.
  6. "Kool G Rap" The Streets' idea on this song was to identify with gangstas who were believed to be cool. The Streets spoke on the importance of how the hood changed him and made him the person he was. This rap was identified to be for only people the streets considered as "kool."
  7. "King Of Roc"  Run DMC was a magical rap group that speedily took over the world. This group was always coming out with some new style and new forms of fashions. Run DMC wrote this song as a name for themselves, they identified themselves as the "Kings of Roc."
  8. "What's My Name" Snoop Dogg wrote many of his songs with a conceded mind set. Snoop Dogg in this song is stating who he believes he is in his eyes and then goes further to ask others what his name is. Many other rappers disagreed with the song title and took great offense.
  9. "C.R.E.A.M." Wu Tang was another one of the most dominant rap groups in the late 80's. Wu Tang wrote many songs that were popular in clubs and made people want to dance. C.R.E.A.M. was one of those songs, and was performed many times during concerts.
  10. "My Minds Playing Tricks on Me" The Geto Boys wrote this song with a relationship in mind and how they feel about going back and forth with women. The Geto Boys were very out spoken when it came to women. This particular gangsta song states that what they thought to be true may not be so, do to the fact that their mind is playing tricks.
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