10 Best Gangsta Songs 2008

Looking for the 10 best gangsta songs 2008 to load up a new iPod playlist? Find everything you need for a dirty-ridin', cuss-spitting, workout right here with this top ten list.

  1. "Crack a Bottle" Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent made rap headlines with this one in 2008. This gangsta song features everything you could want in a rap – girls, booze, money, cars and the general thugging around. 
  2. "Dangerous" Kardinal Offishall and Akon paired up for this best gangsta song of 2008 in a rap that was somewhat offensive yet so catchy no one complained. If the radio had to overplay a song, it should've been this one.
  3. "Lollipop" One of the best gangsta songs of 2008 was Li'l Wayne's "Lollipop." Of course, that's not what Weezy was actually singing about, but it was a good excuse to listen to it in front of your nephews.
  4. "Whatever You Like" T.I. is definitely gangsta. Between his stint with the weapons and his dopin' around with the drugs, you'd think he was one of the baddest dudes on the block. So you were kind of surprised when he talked about "treatin' you so special, so nice" on this number one gangsta song of 2008.
  5. "Gangsta Rap"  You know a song is gangsta when the word "gangsta" appears in the title. This one hit radio waves courtesy of Ice Cube.
  6. "Swagga Like Us" Similar to the "gangsta" title above, T.I. and Jay-Z's "Swagga Like Us" proves that no one wants to hear a hit that's spelled properly. But swagga-ing is so gangsta, it had to make the list of 10 best gangsta songs 2008.
  7. "That's Gangsta": Sean Kingston and Bun B. are among the least likely to be taken seriously when it comes to being gangsta. But, if Sean can survive in Jamaica where "killers get hung," then he probably qualifies.
  8. "Get Up" This one has to be gangsta. So much, in fact, that 50 Cent ripped it off and put it on different albums so many times that even he can't decide where it should go.
  9. "A Milli" Li'l Wayne makes the list twice because he's just that gangsta. It helps your cred when you have to go to prison a few times to prove your point.
  10. "Love in This Club" Usher and Young Jeezy just can't make a clean cut any way you slice it. They talkin' 'bout love, gangsta style, in this best gansta song of 2008.
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