10 Best Gangsters Movies

If you're too scared to join a gang but want to pretend like your "hard" anyway, you would do well to watch these 10 best gangsters movies. Maybe you'll think twice about how "hard" you want to be after seeing these movies.

  1. "The Godfather" The classic story of a ganster who built a criminal empire only to see it crumble around him. A true immigrant tale of a guy who wanted a better life for his family and did anything to get it. The beauty of this story is that we see Vito Corleone at his peak and witness his decline and the dissolution of his family.

  2. "The Godfather: Part II" Picks up where the original left off, only this time it gives us the story of a young Vito Corleone and how he built his empire when he first got to America. The movies goes even further into the legacy of the crime family by detailing the rise of his son Michael and his brutal takeover and control of the Corleone family. Tragic and powerful, this is the definition of old school gangster.

  3. "Menace II Society" The grittiest and most unflinching “hood” movie of them all, this movie depicts the streets as they really are in many urban inner-cities with an unapologetic look at the lives of several youngsters. A particular portrayal of the sociopathic character, O-Dog is memorable and the film is often quoted in many a rap song. A morality tale at heart, it explains that we all have to pay for our sins.

  4. "American Me" An ultimately unflinching portrait of the formation of La Eme, “The Mexican Mafia,” it details life behind California prisons in the '60s and '70s where the gang was born and how that culture spread out into the streets. The main character is humanized by Edward Olmos but ultimately can’t escape his own sins.

  5. "Boyz n the Hood" The first and maybe most well-known “hood” film, this movie became an instant classic for its portrayal of life growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Another tragic ending, this one deals with the good kid who doesn’t make it out of the ghetto due to the random violence that surrounds his life.

  6. "Blood In, Blood Out" A story of East L.A. street gangs and the code they live under. “Blood In, Blood Out” means just that. They jump you in and they kill you if you leave. You join the gang for life. Full of tough choices, it shows to what lengths guys will go through to become part of a street family.

  7. "Mi Vida Loca" The girls get their turn to go crazy. And they certainly do. They are rowdy as the boys, hitting licks, scamming people and beating some ass and playing guys for sex. It’s a whirlwind that some want to escape from but the code is too strong for them to leave without consequences.

  8. "City of God" This foreign film about life in the mostly black favelas of Brazil is a portrait of third world poverty and violence rarely seen. The films central character, Li’l Dice, grows up to become the gang leader Li’l Ze and takes the sociopathic title from "Menace II Society’s" O-Dog for the craziest “hood” killer ever on camera.

  9. "White Heat" A black and white classic with James Cagney as the original gangster. He did what he wanted and feared no one. Especially not the coppers.  Full of shoot ‘em ups and the real glory of a bad guy. Yet, he has a heart and a dear old mom he cares about. One of the best bad guy gangsters ever to grace the screen, he’s know for his final words: ”Top o’ the world ma.”

  10. "Better Luck Tomorrow" This movie breaks all Asian stereo-types about nice, quite kids and good grades. These boys are rough. Prep school “A” students by day, they turn into strong armed, home-invasion gangsters at night and go on a crime spree. Unexpected and enjoyable, simply for the unbelievable truth of it all.

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