10 Best Gay TV Characters

Have some fun with your inner fabulous with these 10 best gay TV characters. The best gay characters on TV may not always be the funniest part of the show, but each of them has helped to break down barriers and add some much-needed diversity to our prime-time lineup every night.
  1. Ellen ("Ellen"). Ellen DeGeneres made television history when both she and her character came of on her self-titled sitcom. Even though we never thought Ellen was particularly funny, she played a big part in making gay characters acceptable on mainstream TV, helping to pave the way for countless characters to come. When it comes to gay TV characters, Ellen is among the best.
  2. Will ("Will and Grace"). The proverbial straight man on “Will and Grace,” and the perfect foil to the more outlandish characters on the show, Will makes our list of the 10 best gay TV characters for being smart, cute and putting a humorous spin on the family drama that comes with coming out.
  3. Jack ("Will and Grace"). Jack represents the sparkling flamboyance of the “Will and Grace” crew. He loves all things theater, is horribly vain, is in love with Cher and makes no apologies for his horrible behavior. Being unabashedly horrible and fabulous is why Jack is one of the best gay characters on television.
  4. Brian and Steve ("The Sarah Silverman Program"). As Sarah’s next door neighbors, Brian and Steve show that not everything gay is sparkly and fabulous. The sexually inept and socially awkward pair sail thorough Sarah’s adventures goofy and oblivious. Being funny without the need for gay stereotypes is why Brian and Steve are considered great gay TV characters.
  5. Kurt Hummel ("Glee"). Kurt is the sweet but conflicted gay character on "Glee." There are plenty of times where Kurt is a bit melodramatic, but that's par for the course when you’re dealing with teen dramas. Showing the complications that come with being a gay teen, and being able to hit a wicked F-sharp, is what makes Kurt Hummel on of the best gay TV characters.
  6. Mohammed “Mo-Mo” de la Cruz ("Nurse Jackie"). Throughout the first season of the show, Mo-Mo is Jackie’s enabler and confidant. He encourages some of her bad behavior, but he will always keep her secrets and have her back. Providing Jackie with a twisted sense of conscience is why Mo-Mo is counted among the 10 best gay TV characters.
  7. Keith Charles ("Six Feet Under"). This character on HBO’s “Six Feet Under” blew away all of the stereotypes that are associated with gay black men. Instead of being a swishy queen, Keith is an LAPD cop who loves paint ball and struggles with anger issues. He is also one half of one of the more nuanced gay couples shown on TV. Breaking boundaries is why Keith Charles is one of the best gay characters on TV.
  8. Chris Keller ("OZ"). Played by the always wonderful Christopher Meloni, Chris Keller is the only one of these gay TV characters who is a bad guy. Locked-up for a series of brutal murders, Chris Keller continues his murderous reign inside of OZ, only now instead of killing for kicks, he’s killing for love.
  9. David Fisher ("Six Feet Under"). The other half of the groundbreaking gay duo from “Six Feet Under," David was the self-loathing gay of the pair. His conflicting feelings about his own sexuality often led him into fits of self-destructive behavior. Being the second half of one of the best couples on TV makes him a great character.
  10. Brian Kinney ("Queer as Folk'). He's a drunken, skanky, pill-popping booze hound who would sell his mother for fortune and fame. Yet just when you’ve decided that this guy is the scum of the Earth, you find out that he’s masterminded the downfall of an anti-gay politician, pulled strings to get the killer of a young gay hustler put away and helped a lesbian friend father a child, and all of a sudden you can’t hate him as much as you would like to. Being the complicated bad boy of the crew is why he is one of our 10 best gay TV characters.
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