10 Best Geek Gadgets

Everyone loves gadgets that can make our lives easier, so these ten best geek gadgets are sure to tickle your fancy. There are a slew of gadgets made with the geek in mind. He is a list of the top 10 best geek gadgets. I am sure non-geeks will find some of these ultra geeky gadgets cool too.

  1. The Wifi Detector Shirt from Think Geek, is a really gnarly shirt, because it comes with an extra special geek-o-licious feature. When you wear this shirt, it will let you know if you are within a wifi range. No more having to stop, open your laptop, and check for a signal. The shirt will let you know.
  2. The Multi-Colored Light Bulb With Remote is also for sale at Think Geek, but the reason this light bulb makes it to the list is because Philips recently released a colored lamp very similar to this one; only problem is, Philips released it for prices only the rich could afford. The light over at Think Geek is made affordable.
  3. Kobayashi Liquid Deodorizer. Weird name right? Well, you may want to add a few of these to your online shopping cart. Kobayashi is a liquid that you add to the toilet bowl, before doing your more, 'stinky business'. You just add a few drops before, and the deodorizer will keep the stink from releasing into the air. This is perfect for anyone who works in a large office environment, where you are forced to share the same bathroom.
  4. H2Glow Temperature Sensitive Faucet Light. This light is really cool, and will bring a smile to anyone's face, especially a geek's. Basically it's an LED light that gets attached to your faucet. When you go to turn the faucet on, it will light up. It's not really a necessity, but it's just so cool!
  5. The Audio Unlimited PoolPod is definitely something every geek, and non-geek, would love. This is a floating speaker that works over your wireless network allowing you to listen to music on your iPod, PC, and more. It is perfect for the approaching hot summer months.
  6. Mindflex is the next really awesome geek gadget, but surely it is one that will peak the interest of all who learn about it. So what is Mindflex? It's a game that uses your mind power to levitate and move a ball around. It's pretty neat, a little pricey, but definitely a top 10 geek gadget.
  7. Purely Anion Energy Efficient Negative Ion Light Bulb is a green geek gadget. This bulb will last up to two years. Besides giving us light, though, the bulb will also clean the air of pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, mites, pet dander, and more. It's an energy efficient light with a little something extra! This one is fabulous for those with allergies.
  8. iMo Touch Monitor. This neat little gadget is a mini monitor. It features a touch screen or a non-touch screen. Basically, it plugs into any available USB port, adding another mini window. It's perfect for those of you who would like an open window at all times. An example would be writing online on one screen, and always having immediate access to your email on the iMo Touch Monitor.
  9. The USB Super 16 Port Hub is the next must have geek gadget. It literally adds 16 new USB ports to your PC. No longer will you have to switch things in and out of USB ports. Sixteen new ports will satisfy all of your USB needs.
  10. Last but not least, we have the DIY Lilly Pad Kit. This one makes it to the list, because it is perfect for a geek's desk. Instead of the usual flower on a desk, this kit takes it to a whole new unique level. It allows you to grow lily pads right in the confinements of a little petri like tank.
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