10 Best German Rock Bands

If you are planning a trip to Germany or simply want to expand your knowledge of the country’s thriving music scene, check out our guide to the best German rock bands.

  1. Rammstein. Still the best German rock band, and the most well known, Rammstein encapsulates everything we like about German music: It’s dark, edgy and it rocks!
  2. Chuckamuck. One of the newest and youngest bands on the German scene, Chuckamuck plays filthy, good old-fashioned garage rock, just the way we like it.
  3. Einstuerzende Neubauten. In 2010, Berlin’s Einstuerzende Neubauten marked their 30th anniversary, making them one of the longest-running musical acts in Germany. They are also one of the best German rock bands of all time, as their many fans will attest.
  4. No Bra. This one-woman band is the project of German Susanne Oberbeck, who currently resides in New York City. Weird electro synth pop with mumbly vocals and ultra sexual lyrics!
  5. Cobra Killer. Annika Trost and Gina V. D’Orio make weird, killer electro pop, making them one of the best German rock bands to come out of the Digital Hardcore movement of the 1990s.
  6. Stereo Total. They sing in German, French and English. It is probable that the whole indie electro-pop phenomenon that is so popular in Europe right now would never have happened, had it not been for Stereo Total.
  7. Tokio Hotel. While they might not be to everyone’s taste, Tokio Hotel is still the country’s main exporter of the emo sound.
  8. Alec Empire. The founder of Atari Teenage Riot, one of our favorite 1990s bands, and inventor of the Digital Hardcore sound and label, Alec Empire continues to forge on his own unique musical path, making him one of the best German rock bands of the century.
  9. Platz Blanche. This dark wave electro punk trio continues to blaze trails in their intense live shows, thanks largely to the stage antics of charismatic leader Andreas Schwarz.
  10. Blue in the Face. These Berlin stalwarts of the avant-garde round out our list of the best German rock bands of the moment.
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