10 Best German Singers

These ten best German singers prove that Germany has more to offer than just lederhosen, bratwurst and beer. The vast variety of styles reflected by these singers also shows that German Singers can easily compete in any music category.

  1. Peter Maffay. Born in Romania to German parents he moved to Germany when at the age of 14. The song that started his career in 1970 was "Du" (you). Even after 40 years of performing he has not slowed down and has released a new album almost every year.
  2. Peter Schilling. One of the most recognized stars in the German music scene he gained international recognition for his hit "Major Tom". In almost every country in the world people sing along to that song.
  3. Nina Hagen. Germany's terrible child became famous for her fusion of new wave, punk and rock music. She gained notoriety through her shameless outfits and careless attitude. Her most recognized song "Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo" talks about the senseless death of young heroin addicted children in Berlin.
  4. Sasha Schmitz. Sasha is an ex-soldier who started his music career performing at high school parties. He was soon recognized for his singing talent and hired as a background singer for many different projects. But that was not enough for him. In 1998 he launched his own album with German reggae style music and songs like "I'm still waiting".
  5. Nicole Safft better known as Rollergirl. Basically a German Madonna in sound and looks, her famous songs "Dear James" ensured her a place among the best German singers. However, she retired in 2002 to focus on her family.
  6. David Lubega also called Lou Bega. He became famous for his song "Mambo No. 5" which not only electrified Germany and the Munich Oktoberfest crowd for years, but swept across the world and captured the imagination of millions of listeners.
  7. Jasmin Wagner or Blümchen. Many people know her also as Blossom which is her stage name for her English language albums. Besides songs like "Boomerang" she also has performed as an actress with Sylvester Stallone. Her songs and her music are as driven as she is.
  8. Gabriele Susanne Kerner or Nena. She hit the international stage with her hit song "99 Luftballons". This song and her music style soon became a synonym for German new wave, opening the door for many other German artists.
  9. Sarah Connor. Don't confuse her with the Sarah Connor from the "Terminator" movie series. Her real name is Sarah Terenzi but she is better known under her stage name Sarah Connor. Her music is a dark mixture of R&B and soul. Today she not only produces music but also stars as a judge on a German reality show.
  10. Sandra Ann Lauer. Most only know her as Sandra but most will recognize her electro pop hits. One of the most recognizable songs is probably "Japan Ist Weit" (Japan is far) and "Maria Magdalena". While she is still somewhat popular in Europe the rest of the world has largely forgotten about her.
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