10 Best Get Drunk Songs

Music and alcohol are a perfect match, so play some of the 10 best get drunk songs next time you tap a keg or pick up a sixer. Blast off to these odes to drunkenness and stumble around humming some catchy tunes. Whether you want to "Drink Alone" or get "Everybody Drunk," these songs are great for their alcoholic appeal.

  1. Gin and Juice.” “Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind,” raps Snoop Dogg in this classic G-funk single. This song epitomizes 90s West Coast gangsta rap and is one of the best drunk songs if you're rolling through Compton. If you want to get really drunk though, spend all the money in your wallet.
  2. Margaritaville.” Throw on a Hawaiian shirt, invite your dad over and throw on this Jimmy Buffett song. The island crooner sings “There’s booze in the blender and soon it will render. That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.” That’s a pretty good rhyme for a drunken man.
  3. I Drink Alone.” Blues songs are made for getting drunk and George Thorogood’s slow-burning “I Drink Alone” is perfect mood music for a night alone with a bottle of whiskey.  Thorogood's ode to solitary drunkenness is just another in a long-line of blues songs dedicated to booze.
  4. Friends in Low Places.” Garth Brooks owes his career to this get drunk song. Every county bumpkin has friends in low places at the bar: beer, whiskey, vodka, rum, etc. Brooks' drawl and this song's rhythmic crawl evoke the feeling of being drunk.
  5. Everybody Drunk.” If you want to get drunk fast, throw on any Ludacris song. “Everybody Drunk,” however, will work the best, thanks to lyrics like “Now everybody with me pourin' up / Everybody with me hold it up / Everybody with me know, if I say so / It's gone be throwing up.”
  6. The Alabama Song.” Play a get drunk song by one of rock & roll’s most famous drunks: Jim Morrison. “The Alabama Song” should get everybody drinking and (if they really want to be like The Doors front man) exposing themselves.
  7. Have A Drink On Me.” Walk into any random dive bar in America and chances are pretty good you’ll hear an AC/DC song. “Have A Drink On Me” is one of the best get drunk songs. The band has plenty of money, so they're buying you a drink this time. Just take it easy: the band’s first lead singer, Bon Scott, died of acute alcohol poisoning.
  8. Closing Time.” 90’s pop-rock act Semisonic might have had one hit, but it stands as one of the best get drunk songs ever, thanks to lines like “One last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer.” Put this pop song on repeat and have several "one last drinks."
  9. Loving Cup.” Trust The World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band to write a great get drunk song. The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup,” from their classic trashy album, “Exile on Main St.,” is great for lines like “Just one drink and I’ll fall down drunk.” One more drink and Keith Richards might just drop dead.
  10. Sloppy Drunk.” The Black Crowes’ are one of the last great rock & roll bands, so they know a thing or two about getting drunk, as evidenced by lyrics like “Well I love that moonshine whiskey now, tell the world I do” in “Sloppy Drunk.”
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