10 Best Getting Back Together Love Songs

Here are the 10 best getting back together love songs. These songs strongly indicate that a love affair has been broken and one of the coupled pair wants to get back together. Getting back together hits the emotional sigma of today’s world as many couples continually breakup and need some type of leverage to get back to the one he or she loves.

  1. “Together Again" – This song by Emmy Lou Harris truly is one of the best getting back together songs. She sings within the lyrics about no more lonely nights because we are together again. The quality of Emmy Lou Harris’s voice brings anyone to tears even the most masculine men in the world . She truly wins hearts with this song.
  2. “Love swill Keep us Together” – This truly is one of the best getting back together songs by Captain and Tenile in the 70s. This song indicates that getting back together will stay strong and that nothing again will tear this couple apart. It sings about the strength of the relationship.
  3. “Jealous Guy” – This song by John Lennon talks about how he hurt the relationship and woman and explains he was just jealous. He tells her he didn’t mean to hurt her. Yoko and Jon survived many break ups during their marriage and this was one of those times in which a breakup occurred.
  4. “I Want You” – This song by Bob Dylan tells about the woman he loves and how he wants her so bad. "Baby I want you" is repeated over and over in the song. Truly Bob Dylan loves her and wants her.
  5. “ I Want You” – This heavy rock song by the Beatles talks about how he wants her so bad that its driving him mad. This rock type music expresses loudly that she is driving him mad and that he wants her back. They songs throughout the song how its driving his mad.
  6. “Lets Stay Together” – This oldie is sung by Al Green. This song talks about staying together with the woman he loves. How could this song not be seen as the best getting back together song? He talks about triumph for any occasion involving the love of his life.
  7. “Since You’ve Been Gone” – This getting back together song by Tomas Nevergreen tells about how how misses his love and how he wants to get back together with her. This truly is a sad song.
  8. “Baby Come Back” – This song is by Player and it tells about he has spent all his nights going out on the town. He cannot forget his woman because it is a waste of time. He sings about how he wants to get back together and how he cannot live without her. This truly is one of the best getting back together songs.
  9. “Nothing Compares 2 U” – This very sad song by Sinead O'Connor expresses and is about her love for a person that has left the relationship and how much she wants to have him back. She misses him and loves him. She sings about the emptiness she feels with him in her life and how she wants to give it another try again.
  10. “Right Here Waiting” – This song by Richard Marx expresses that oceans apart day after day and he slowly goes insane. He hears her voice all the time. He sings it doesn’t stop the pain. He wants to see her and misses her. He sings about being too far apart and how his heart is breaking and that he will wait forever for her to come back.
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