10 Best Getting Back Together Songs

If you have reconciliation on your mind, try to make your own soundtrack with these 10 best getting back together songs. The theme crosses over almost all genres and has resulted in some of the prettiest and rocking songs ever written. While these songs aren't for you if you can only think of dedicating "So Long, Farewell" by the Von Trapps to your ex, they are great for setting the mood of getting back together with your significant other. Here are some diverse picks for the 10 best getting back together songs of all time.

  1. "Never Gonna Let You Go" performed by Sérgio Mendes is a classic getting back together song. It's played by soft rock stations everywhere and anybody alive in the 1980s is probably familiar with this song. It's a sincere, beautiful ballad, with a man promising how great he's going to be this time around. The lyrics include, "We're gonna be better than we were before. I loved you then, but now I intend to open up and love you even more."
  2. "Waterloo" by Abba is a fun song about getting back together. However, in this song, Abba does liken getting back together to the end of a war battle. It's a fun, dance-on-your-feet song. It was also featured in the "Mamma Mia," which was based around several of Abba's hit songs. Look for it in the fun part of the credits where the cast members perform the songs in outrageous costumes on stage.
  3. "Time after Time" performed by Cyndi Lauper is a beautiful, subtle ballad. It sings the praises of having someone in your life who's been there for you again and again, through all kinds of life circumstances It's the perfect song for a couple willing to work things out and get back together.
  4. "One More Day" by Diamond Rio is a song from the point-of-view of someone in love. He's been waking up to the reality that even one more day with his loved one would be met with joy. It's a reminder to stay together, not missing out on any more chances to love one another.
  5. "Can't We Talk It Over In Bed" was a great song performed by Olivia Newton-John on her album, "The Rumour" in the 1980s. It was later covered by several other artists. The title sort of gets right to the point. It's about making up and staying together with the one you love.
  6. "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb is often considered the ultimate making up song. It's a classic, and you'll know it if you hear even a couple of bars. The lyrics include "Reunited and it feels so good." Now, you probably know it, from only that sentence.
  7. "Still the One" by Shania Twain is a song about a strong and continuing love. It's a song about a love that lasts and overcomes the odds. That's something that all couples who are making up and reuniting understand. "We beat the odds together," sings Shania in this song.
  8. "You Were Always on My Mind" by Elvis Presley is a strong song for couples getting back together. The singer realizes what he has lost and how wrong he was in the past. It's part apology, part confession of love. It's perfect for couples getting back together where forgiveness is involved, and that is usually the case when two people get back together.
  9. "Take a Chance" is a strong song about getting back together performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Although the two are known for their duets from the movie "Grease," this song is from the soundtrack to their other movie "Two of a Kind." The strong, passionate lyrics include "Could it be we're the perfect pair? Have it all, if we'd only dare?" It speaks of the risk and chances people are taking by reuniting in love, but how it's so worth it.
  10. "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green is a song about, what else, staying together. It's performed by Al Green and it will help inspire a fun mood for you and your love to enjoy, while reaffirming that you are going to stay together this time.
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