10 Best Ghost Movies

Scare yourself senseless with our list of the ten best ghost stories. A good ghost story is one of life’s simple pleasures; they let us to wonder what happens after someone dies, and makes us think twice about anything that goes bump in the night. The ten best ghost movies take different approaches to bringing the scares. Some feel like it's the stories we swapped during sleep overs and camping trips. While others play on the mystery of urban legends. No matter what approach they take, the ten best ghost movies will make it hard for you to sleep tonight.

  1. “Lady in White”(1988)- This was one of our favorite movies back in the day. It had everything, ghost kids, creepy, evil, old men and fires. It’s not as scary as it used to be, but it’s nostalgia value makes it one of the ten best ghost movies.
  2. “Candyman” (1992)- Half ghost story, half slasher film, this is one of our ten best ghost movies because it sent us running to the bathroom to see if we could conjure the Candyman, then running like hell to hide under the covers in case it really worked.
  3. “Poltergeist” (1982)- The scene where the little boy was attacked by the toy clown and almost fed to a tree, solidified our fear of clowns and fostered a deep mistrust of large trees. We were annoyed when trying to feed our little brother to the TV people and it didn’t work.    
  4. “The Ammityville Horror” (1979)- This is the story of the 30 demon filled days that the Lutz’ spent in their dream home. In their brief time there, they had to contend with flying pigs, bleeding walls, creepy red rooms and demonic voices. Through the whole movie you’re never sure if the house is haunted by the family that was murdered there or is it the work of something more sinister. 
  5. “The Sixth Sense”(1999)- This is one of the ten best ghost movies because you’re never really sure who is living and who is one of the ghosts. Sadly, this movie set a bar for director M. Night Shyamalan who has never been able to reach again.
  6. “The Blair Witch Project”(1999)- This belongs somewhere in between low budget cheese and ground breaking cinema, “The Blair Witch Project” kept audiences on the edge of their seat with its shaky hand held camera scenes. It makes our list of the ten best ghost movies because it paved the way for all the low-budget digital cheese that we have grown to love and loathe.
  7. “The Shinning”(1980)- Jack Nicholson’s insanity and the brilliance of the late, great Stanley Kubric makes for a film that is nearly perfect. It builds slow and ends with sheer bloody terror. All that, and having one of the greatest lines ever uttered in horror is what makes this one of the ten best ghost movies.
  8. “13 Ghosts”(1960 and 2001)-When an old man dies, he leaves his estate to his unsuspecting nephew. Instead of inheriting their dream home, the family moves into a death trap that confines twelve evil ghosts. The 1960's original brings the suspense while the 2001 remake brings the gore.
  9. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”(1984)- Another movie that walks the line between ghost story and slasher film. When the residents of Elm Street burn pedophile Freddy Kruger alive, he comes back to life to murder the children of Elm Street in their dreams. The nursery rhyme for this movie gives us chills to this day.
  10. “The Frighteners”(1996)- The only horror-comedy to make our list of the ten best ghost movies, “The Frighteners” is the story of a shady con-man who uses his ability to talk to ghost to con people for their cash. But things get nasty when Michael J. Fox and his ghost pals have to go toe to toe with the ghost of a demonic serial killer.
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