10 Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

The 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend are often most effective when she least expects it. A spontaneous and thoughtful gift can let her see a side to you that she may not have expected. So check out the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend and try them out to really surprise her.

  1. Half-necklace. When you are not quite ready to commit to a long-term relationship but you still want to show her you care, try a half-necklace gift. This is a necklace where the charm breaks in half and you get one half, and she gets the other. The romantic value alone makes this one of the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend.
  2. An evening at a bed and breakfast. Sometimes the best gift you can give is some time alone and away from the rest of the world. Surprise her with an evening at a bed and breakfast and you both can enjoy one of the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend that gives real results.
  3. A dozen red roses. To a guy it can sound cliche and worn out. But a dozen red roses is still one of the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend that you can give.
  4. Mix CD. Before they were called mix CDs, they were called mix tapes. The digital age makes creating this entry on to the list of the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend so much easier. Put her favorite songs on a CD and then make a customized label that lets her know it is a mix done especially for her.
  5. Fancy dinner. For this gift you need to go a bit beyond the family restaurant you normally take your girl to. Make some reservations at a very nice restaurant, and then let her know she has to dress up for the night out. An excellent finishing touch is a limo to take you to and from dinner.
  6. Gemstone bracelet. When you buy her jewelry, it is common to buy a ring or a necklace. Try something different and get her a bracelet instead. Get one made from gold or silver, and have her birthstone mounted in it for added effect.
  7. Digital picture frame with vacation pictures. If you two just came back from vacation, or if you spent a special weekend somewhere that you took pictures, then get her a digital picture frame that cycles through pictures of the trip. It will help remind her of the good times you had and it can be something for her to have at her desk at home or work.
  8. Lingerie. If she is always asking you what kind of lingerie you would like to see her in, then let her know by surprising her with some. This entry into the list of the 10 best gift ideas for your girlfriend only works if you get her correct size first, so do your homework.
  9. Girl's night out. The ultimate in surprise gifts from a boyfriend to a girlfriend is for him to arrange for a girl's night out for her and her friends. Tell her you are taking her out, but arrange it so her friends are actually the ones she winds up going out with. Then rent a limo for the group to make sure they all stay safe. It is something she would never expect, and something she would never forget.
  10. A greeting card. You may be wondering why a greeting card is being suggested as a gift. For those days that are not marked as any special occasion or any special relationship milestone, a heartfelt greeting card can be the perfect gift to catch her completely off guard and maybe even make her a little emotional.
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