10 Best Gifts to Get Your Boss

Need a great gift for your boss? We've got you covered! Check out the list below and find the perfect gift for your boss…and maybe even get a promotion for yourself!

  1. Digital picture frame. A fantastic, can't go wrong, one-size-fits-all gift is a digital picture frame. Head to your nearest department store for the gift for your boss that can't go wrong!
  2. Cookbook. For the boss who spends more time planning where to get lunch than working on the budget, choose a hip, illustrated cookbook, a gift for your boss that is sure to please both your boss and whomever they cook for!
  3. Corporate stationary. Have a boss that commerates every spreadsheet turned in with a hand-written note of thanks to you? Spend a couple minutes online personalizing some corporate stationery – practical and thoughtful.
  4. Ear buds. For the boss who continuously listens to music blaring from his computer while you are trying to get your job done, choose surround sound ear buds. They deliver surround sound directly to your boss's ears, so you don't have to hear the noise…or music!
  5. Wireless shower radio. Or, if you're worried your boss might be offended by the suggestion not everyone enjoys his selection in music, a better gift for your boss would be a wireless shower radio that can pick up the signal from your boss's iPod.
  6. Decorative pint glasses. Does your boss wait for 5 pm just so he can enjoy his daily pint? Grab a set of decorative pint glasses, available at any department or specialty store.
  7. Pet treats Worried that you might come off looking like a bit of a brown-noser by getting a gift for your boss? If your boss has a pet, the perfect way to go is to put together a bag of pet treats for that special animal in your boss's life. It's a clever way to give a gift to your boss without really giving a gift to your boss!
  8. Donation. Or, better yet, channel the spirit of George Costanza and make a donation in your boss's name – only actually do it!  The World Wildlife Foundation is a sure-fire feel good gift for the animal lover.
  9. Fancy pen. Is your boss from the old school? Then he'll appreciate the classic, sophisticated elegance of a fancy desktop pen. Of course, classic, sophisticated elegance will come at a price.
  10. Coffee giftcard. Finally, if you've forgotten to get a gift for your boss until you're on your way in to work on the day of the holiday party, just pull into your local coffee shop and pick out one of their many pre-made gift sets. What boss doesn't need some caffeine to get their brainstorming session off to a good start?
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