10 Best Gifts For My Girlfriend

Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday or an anniversary, when it’s time to get one of these ten best gifts for my girlfriend, you want to make sure it’s the best thing she’s ever seen. Many men wait until the last minute and try to find something and end up making a mess. Have no fear, this list will point you in the right direction.

  1. Flowers. For any hallmark holiday like Mother’s day or Valentine’s day, flowers are one of the best gifts you can get for your girlfriend. Get to know your local florist. Instead of picking one of the pre-made bouquets, have them build one to your specifications. Tell the florist to skip the baby’s breath–it’s just cheap filler.
  2. Lacy Underwear. Many stores have wide selections of anniversary gifts, from racy lace sets to everyday bra and panty sets. If you feel uncomfortable walking into a store to order, you can order from their website and have it delivered to your home. Make sure you check the tags in what she's currently wearing so you can order the right size.
  3. Tickets. Instead of buying your girlfriend things for your anniversary, why not buy her tickets to a local theater production? You'll get bonus points if you combine it with a trip to a big city.
  4. Cook. When you want to create an intimate romantic celebration for your anniversary, why not cook for your girlfriend? If you're the sort of man who never sets foot in the kitchen, unless you're getting a beer, making a meal-even a simple one-is a great way to show your girlfriend how much you love her.
  5. Luggage. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a new piece of luggage and a trip out of town for your anniversary? If your girl is still putting her clothes in her purse when she visits you, get her a roomy weekend bag from a designer she loves.
  6. eReader. Giving your girlfriend a new eReader is a great way to encourage her to get into the newest technology. She will be so excited with her new toy that she will not mind that you’re playing a new game on your gaming system.
  7. Personal Trainer. When you give your girlfriend a certificate for a few sessions with a personal trainer, this is the best way to jump start her fitness goals and give her the gift of health. Watch out – not every woman will take this the right way, so make sure you don’t imply that she’s fat.
  8. Gift card. If your girlfriend always spends her bonus at the same store, getting a gift card from that store is the best way to give her a chance to shop.
  9. Service. There is a household chore that everyone hates. Whatever chore your girlfriend hates, paying for someone else to do what she hates doing will get you on her good side. The best part of this gift is that it shows your girlfriend that you pay attention when she complains.
  10. Pets. If you're wondering if this girlfriend could turn into a wife, try getting her a pet for your anniversary. A pet is not a stand in for a child, but watching how she cares for a living thing gives you an idea of whether she could handle taking care of a kid someday.

No matter what gift you get for your girlfriend, make sure that it is a present that she likes, not something your last girlfriend liked. When you're going shopping, remember how much you love your girlfriend and this gift should be an expression of that love.

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