10 Best Girl Rock Bands

The 10 best girl rock bands often take volume and intensity to new heights in transcending the gender barrier that states that rock 'n' roll should always be a male-dominated genre. These girls know what it means to rock and often show up their male peers in the genre.

  1. The Runaways Featuring such luminaries as Joan Jett and Lita Ford, The Runaways are the most famous female rock act of all time and top the list of the ten best girl rock bands. Their most famous and rockin' song is "Cherry Bomb." Who can forget that one?
  2. The Donnas Picking up where the Runaways left off, The Donnas taught a whole new generation of girls and guys how to rock. With memorable tunes like "Rock 'n' Roll Machine" and "You Make Me Hot," the Donnas continue to make us hot! 
  3. The Slits Fronted by the recently deceased Ari Up, the Slits were arguably the first all girl rock band playing punk music. From their debut album "Cut" up to their final single in 2010, "Lazy Slam," the Slits endeared us with their infectious brand of punk rock.
  4. Sleater-Kinney Prominent rock critics like Robert Christgau and Greil Marcus often name-drop Sleater-Kinney as one of the best rock bands of the 1990s and many have to agree. Their albums include "Sleater-Kinney," "Call the Doctor" and "Dig Me Out." 
  5. Le Tigre Kathleen Hanna’s band following Bikini Kill’s breakup artfully combines electronic and dance music with punk, making them one of the most exciting and best girl rock bands out there. Their famous track, "Hot Topic," name-drops a bunch of influential female artists in the riot grrrl scene.
  6. Bikini Kill Perhaps the most seminal band of the riot grrrl scene, Bikini Kill helped launch a massive underground movement and inspired future female rockstars everywhere. Their album titles give an indication of their hardcore political stance: "Pussy Whipped," "Reject All American" and "Revolution Girl Style Now!"
  7. CocoRosie Part of the nascent freak folk scene, this duo of sisters manages to both creep us out and endear us at the same time. How many bands manage to pull that off? Check out "Beautiful Boyz" from their 2005 album, "Noah's Ark." It is a collaborative track from Antony and the Johnsons.
  8. Kittie Kittie demonstrates that you do not have to be a dude to play killer heavy metal. Notable albums include "Spit," "Oracle" and "In the Black."
  9. Indigo Girls Lesbian folk rock heroines Indigo Girls have been going strong since the 1980s and show no sign of letting up, making them one of the best girl rock bands of the late twentieth and early 21st centuries. Their most famous songs include "Closer to Fine," "Galileo" and "Least Complicated."
  10. The Shaggs So bad that they are good and apparently an influence on Sonic Youth, the Shaggs have to be heard to be believed. Just check out the track "My Pal Foot-Foot" from the band's one and only album, "Philosophy of the World."
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