10 Best Girlfriend Anniversary Ideas

The 10 best girlfriend anniversary ideas vary based upon how long you have been together and what is appropriate. Some weird couples celebrate things like one month or three month anniversaries, like they've kicked hard drugs or something. However, the more normal way to do this is to have an anniversary once a year, on the day you met or made it "official." Here are some ideas for these anniversary dates based upon the yearly basis.

  1. Flowers all day long. Flowers at the office, flowers at home, flowers at dinner. Obviously, make sure she likes flowers before you go through with this idea but, as the saying goes somewhere, "a girl always like getting flowers."
  2. Get a limo for your night out. An extra hundred bucks or so, but well worth it for the effect and the surprise she get when it rolls up. Plus, you'll get to make out while someone drives you around.
  3. A getaway together. While this is usually something that should be reserved for at least a couple year anniversary, planning a quick trip to somewhere nice, like a place on the beach, in the mountains or a spa for an evening is a perfect way to bring in the anniversary.
  4. Dinner at her favorite place and dessert somewhere new. This is a no-brainer anniversary date, but if you take her to her favorite restaurant it shows you have been paying attention to her. If you take her somewhere new for dessert, it shows you are turning her on to new things in this new year together.
  5. Go to the place you first met, if you can. The best thing about an anniversary is remembering the place you first met or went on your first date or decided you really wanted to be in a relationship together. Anniversaries are all about reliving the past.
  6. Pamper presents. Send her to a spa for the day to get beauty treatments, massages… really anything she wants (within a reasonable budget). Then she will be relaxed and look beautiful when the two of you go out in the evening.
  7. Cook her dinner at home. A unique idea for an anniversary gift but a romantically simple one. Light candles and make her favorite dishes. Assuming you know how to cook, of course.
  8. Frame photos of the two of you together. Give them to her as a gift on your anniversary, so that you can trace the time you spent together.
  9. Strawberries, chocolates and champagne. This is the perfect way to start off or end an anniversary with your girlfriend. Just be aware of what happens almost immediately afterwards.
  10. Write her a poem. This should really only be done if you can write, but by writing and giving her something it is truly from your heart. Read it to her after you have gone out, an intimate expression from you to your girlfriend on your anniversary together.
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