10 Best Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

These 10 best girlfriend birthday gifts are meant as more of a guide, as buying a birthday gift for a girlfriend really depends on her own individual taste and preferences. There is no guarantee that you will get the right or best gift however if it comes from the heart and shows careful consideration then it will most definitely be one of the best birthday gifts. Here is a list of the 10 Best girlfriend birthday gift ideas and be sure to personalize them.

  1. Flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers, but a great touch would be to add them with another gift. Knowing her favorite color or flowers will make them that more special because it shows attention to detail.
  2. Jewelry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and even gold, silver or something that glitters and shines i.e. her birthstone, necklace, bracelet or even a watch will be more than make her smile. Before buying take note of; what type of jewelry she usually wears and be sure it says something about her.
  3. Get Creative. Being creative with the birthday gift can be cost effective yet romantic, which reminds her just how she is loved. For example making a coupon booklet with things that she always asks you to do but you never do or always complain i. e. cooking, a night out dancing, foot rub, breakfast in bed. Or as simple as a photo album or memory book of your special together or even writing a poem or love letter.
  4. Dinner/Picnic. Whether it’s a favorite restaurant, a new restaurant, a picnic or romantic home cooked meal is always a birthday gift that can never go wrong. Not making it just another meal out and adding a personal touch displays affection. Be sure to include flowers.
  5. A Weekend Getaway. A weekend getaway is not only a birthday gift a girlfriend will enjoy but something for both to enjoy, with the opportunity to spend some quality time together. It could be as simple as a trip, somewhere in the country or the beach and even a city break. Planning the whole weekend from start to finish will be romantic and a great touch to the gift.
  6. Something She Wants or Needs. Sometimes the best gifts are those things that are wanted or needed. If a girlfriend has been constantly talking about something she wants or needs then this is the best time to think about those past conversations and surprise her with just that.
  7. Gift Basket. Gift baskets are always a nice treat especially if it is packed with goodies she can use to pamper herself. Be sure to arrange it nicely with things like her favorite chocolates and candies, flowers, soft toys, perfume, candles, scented oil or whatever you think she may enjoy. 
  8. Spa Day. Ladies love being pampered so a day of beauty will go down nicely for example; a facial, massage or special bath treatments. Be sure to pick something she doesn’t do that often and in addition add a romantic dinner or lunch for the both of you.
  9. Books/DVDs/Music. Whether she’s into reading, watching movies or listening to music you can get her a gift set or basket just to suit her. Books by her favorite author or list of books on her must read list, movie box sets or a bunch of deluxe CD’s of her classic favorites or even a bit of all three.
  10. Clothes. Men typically don’t get it right when it comes to women clothing, however if gotten right, then it can be a very nice birthday gift for a girlfriend. Purchasing from her favorite store or designer adds a personalized touch. Only important factor is to know her size and be sure to get a gift receipt so she can always change it if it wasn’t right.
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