10 Best Glamour Models

These 10 best glamour models are all gorgeous and extremely talented women. Glamour modelling typically focuses on the model's physique or sexuality, instead of product marketing. These glamour models all have a portfolio of exceptional work.

  1. Pamela Anderson: Known for her role on the tv-show "Baywatch", Pamela Anderson is also an excellent glamour model. She has modeled extensively for Playboy and has built a huge fan base. She may be the most popular and successful contemporary glamour models.
  2. Katie "Jordan" Price: This model climbed into the glamour modeling business quite rapidly. Starting at a young age, Katie Price has a  portfolio of gorgeous modeling work for multiple clients. Her body is beautiful, matched by her excellent modeling skill. She made her mark appearing topless in the tabloid The Sun, and since then has gone on to model for several renowned clients.
  3. Lucy Pinder: This model's career started when she was spotted sunbathing at a beach. Since then, her career has accelerated due to her great beauty. She started modeling with the tabloid newspaper the Daily Star, and since then has become one of the world's best glamour models.
  4. Marilyn Monroe: A list of best glamour models could not possibly be made without legendary Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is known primarily for her work in numerous films, including "The Prince" and the "Showgirl". However, in addition to film, Monroe's outstanding modeling helped her appear on the cover for the first issue of Playboy.
  5. Michele Merkin: Both a model and TV host, her glamour modeling has been beyond exceptional. Her portfolio speaks for itself, demonstrating both her beauty and ability to capture the camera. In addition to being a great glamour model, Merkin co-hosted television show "Foody Call".
  6. Margie Harrison: The first official Playmate of the month, Margie appeared in the second issue of Playboy in 1954. Her beauty and excellent modeling helped her reach success with Playboy. She was a true knockout and definitely one of the best glamour models ever.
  7. Laurie Fetter: Both a glamour model and actress, she appeared as a centerfold model for Playboy in 2003. She has had an extremely successful career due to her exceptional glamour modeling skills. She is well-known for her unsurpassed beauty.
  8. Dita Von Teese: Popular glamour model Dita Von Teese has done beautiful fashion and glamor modeling. She has done excellent work as a glamour model, making her quite popular in the 1990's. Von Teese has modeled for several publications, including the magazine Bizarre.
  9. Lauren Anderson: Chosen as the July 2002 Playmate of the month, Lauren has done great work as a gorgeous Playboy Magazine glamour model. She has also done a number of Playboy videos, but it is truly her work as a glamour model that helps her stand out. She is without a doubt one of the best in the industry.
  10. Gemma Atkinson: English actress and glamour model Gemma Atkinson has a diverse talent. Her provocative shoots as a glamour model has helped her launch another successful career. She even had a popular role as Lisa Hunter in TV show "Hollyoaks".
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