10 Best Golf Shafts

If you are an experienced golfer or a beginner this list of the ten best golf shafts can be very beneficial to your game. Anyone who has been golfing for a while can attest to the importance of choosing the right shafts for your golf clubs. If your golf club shafts do not have the right flex for your swing pattern, you are in trouble. You could be looking at some very inconsistent rounds. Check out these quality shafts that may help improve your golf scores.

  1. The Fujikura Motore is the choice of the tour. This golf shaft was the the most popular golf shaft used on tour in 2009 and is still a popular choice of the worlds top golfers. This is a high speed shaft that stores a lot of energy in the downswing that results in the long tee shots. It is a top of the line shaft that will cost you, but will pay off on the scorecard.
  2. The Matrix Ozik is expensive but worth every dime. When you research this golf shaft, it sounds like something from science digest. There is so much research and design lingo that your head will hurt. The bottom line is that this golf club shaft produces results, as evidenced by the number of professional golfers who have made this shaft their choice.
  3. The Mitzubishi Fubuki golf shaft is a popular, quality shaft. This shaft is also popular with the pro golfers. It as great feel and responsiveness. This high speed golf shaft can also be a missile launcher when fitted to your driver.
  4. The KBS is the top of the line iron shaft. This shaft is designed for the better golfers who are looking for a better feel out of their golf shafts. It can be fitted to your swing speed because it can be purchased with different flexes.
  5. The Fujikura Motore Speeder is for the player looking for lower spin. This golf shaft is relatively new to the market but is quickly becoming a favorite due to its durability and performance. Its technology produces less spin, which produces longer golf shots.
  6. The Aldila VooDoo shaft is designed to produce monster drives. This club boasts a stabilizing rib that runs the full length of the golf shaft. It comes in different flexes that can be custom fit to your swing to promote accuracy and distance.
  7. The Rifle Flighted golf shaft is another quality iron shaft. This golf shafts claim to fame is its kick point. With these shafts the kick point is adjusted to each golf iron throughout the bag for accuracy and trajectory of the launch of the ball. It will give the longer irons a higher trajectory and the shorter golf irons a lower trajectory.
  8. Nippon is a popular shaft on the LPGA tour. This golf shaft is designed for use on your golf irons. It is a standard shaft for many of the top name brand golf irons on the market today. It is durable and has great feel.
  9. The Rifle Project X is a tried and true iron shaft. This golf shaft is a regular on the PGA tour. It is designed for players who are a little more advanced due to its unforgiving nature in swing consistency. However, it is a quality golf shaft that you can adjust to with time and experience.
  10. The UST Proforce V2 is a good golf shaft for players looking to line the ball low and long. This is another golf shaft that is popular on the pro tour. It is a great golf shaft for your irons if you are looking to reduce your spin. It is also designed with stability in mind.
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