10 Best Golf Shoe

As with any other “best” list, whether it’s 10 best golf shoes or anything else for that matter, someone is going either disagree or wonder why a certain brand was not included. So, take this list as simply another person’s take on the phrase “best golf shoes”, and decide for yourself which one you prefer

  1. Adidas Adipure Nuovo: There are several styles to choose from. Some of them, such as the Adipure, have laces; others, such as the Adicomfort, simply slip on the feet much like loafers would.
  2. Nike Air Force 1: This particular style of golf shoes is recommended for those suffering from plantar warts (common warts found on bottom of feet) or plantar fasciitis (a condition in which pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia—a band of tissue which runs across the bottom of the feet—occurs). It is designed to provide more cushioning, something which can make all the difference to someone who suffers from either of the above foot problems.
  3. Croc Ace Golf Shoe: These golf shoes look exactly like the ordinary Croc shoes that so many people wear every day, but they have been especially designed for wearing on the golf course. You might want to check, however, to see if these are allowed on your particular course.
  4. Footjoy DryJoy: One style of golf shoes by this company is called the DryJoy. It is waterproof, allowing one’s feet to remain dry while playing on a course that has just been watered or is still covered with early-morning dew or has not yet dried from a rain shower. They will not damage wet grass as ordinary shoes might.\
  5. Oakley Servodrive: These golf shoes come in either solid black or black and white. The solid black ones have an overall look that actually resembles a dress shoe. This provides a very classy look to golf shoes that also perform well.
  6. Dexter Men's Softshoe: These are very classic-looking golf shoes, and thus provide a very neat appearance to your golfing attire. They may remind you of the styles that were worn by some of the earlier golf players.
  7. Etonic Sof-tec: Some of this brand’s golf shoes styles have bright blue and bright red cleats. The cleats are also especially designed to provide a firmer grip and better traction.
  8. Reebok Convertible: Reebok has always been known for its running shoes, and the same quality that goes into them is found in the company’s golf shoes. Further, one style of Reebok golf shoes is not only waterproof, the spikes are removable.
  9. Bite Impact: This Company is known for making golf “sandals”, but they also make shoes. The main difference between these and other golf shoes, however, is that this brand of golf shoes actually more closely resembles an athletic shoe rather than a traditional golf shoe.
  10. Callaway Tour Authenic FT Chev Saddle: This Company also offers golf shoes that are designed in the more classic style as well as along the lines of an athletic shoe. This gives a golfer more choice in the type of shoe he prefers.
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