10 Best Golf Sunglasses

Whether you are an amateur or a legend in your community golf courses, getting a read on the 10 best golf sunglasses should be a part of your equipment selection process in thinking of ways to improve your game. It does not matter if you’re playing golf just as a hobby or you are one of those passionate players who just can not seem to stay away from the greens. Getting great eye protection is a must nowadays what with the obvious situation of the sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays. You could even throw in the coolness factors of these shades.

  1. Maui Jim Polarized Sunglasses. A consensus decision among golfers involved in online forums, the Maui Jim sunglasses come in at a high rate of praise both from professional and amateur golfers. And it is not a surprise that the Maui Jim brand was voted as the best golf accessory by PGA professionals.
  2. Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Golf Specific Sunglasses. Coming in from the world renowned sporting brand of Oakley are the Flak Jacket XLJ Golf sunglasses, a perfect blend of excellent aesthetic design and top-of-the-line lenses. Armed with Oakley’s patented optic technology features such as High Definition Optics, hydrophobic treatment and one of the best UV protection sunglasses have to offer.
  3. Oakley M Frame Hybrid.  One of the best products to come out from Oakley is their M Frames. It’s seemingly imposing design and incredible ability to block out any glare that this line was able to apply for an amazing 30 approved patents. With that much of a tradition carried, the M Frame is a perfect partner for those looking to take their golf game to another level.
  4. Rudy Project Karboneye Golf. Rudy Project, in an effort to provide maximum protection to the game’s athletes without any sign of hindering their progress, came up with the Karboneye for golf. Engineered using the extremely lightweight material of carbon and Kynetium, the Karboneye is capable of adjusting to any weather condition that allows the golfer flexibility in their game at any time and in any day.
  5. Bolle Snakes Recoil Sunglasses. As the name connotes, the Bolle Snakes Recoil Sunglasses make a crowning fit to any golfer’s face. Featuring high performance polycarbonate lenses that is both lightweight and extremely flexible, the Snake collection from Bolle is also applied with the Modulator lens that continuously adapts to the lighting conditions presented during a day of golf.
  6. Callaway Hybrid Series Golf Sunglasses. The crown jewel of the Callaway golf eyewear brand, their Hybrid Series features an ergonomically designed frame that makes a perfect fit for any golfer. Light-weight and fitted with brown-tinted lenses that enable golfers maximum visual acuity and at the same time blocks off the unnecessary glare that hampers their game.
  7. Ray-Ban Polarized RB3403. A top ten sunglass list is not complete without a product coming from the immortal line of Ray-Ban. With a “one size fits all” concept, one can pick up any Ray-Ban from any store and be ensured that there won’t be any problems regarding its fit. The RB3403 carries Ray-Ban’s long enduring reputation as one of the best in the business with its polarized, impact and scratch resistant features.
  8. Smith Optics Sunglasses. With their extra large eye coverage, the Smith Optics line presents one of the best protection schemes for golfers who are easily distracted by the unnecessary glare on the golfing greens. Lightweight and with polarized lenses, Smith Optics’ Chamber line also has a guaranteed lifetime warranty.
  9. Callaway X650 Tour Authentic Sunglasses. Designed as a classic, Callaway’s X650 Tour sunglasses comes with a stainless frame material that is perfectly lightweight and provides extreme comfort for both the golf enthusiast and the pro golfer. Its Neox lens is patented to give excellent visual acuity to make sure that golfers always keep their eye on the ball.
  10. Kaenon Sunglasses Rhino. The Rhino, a wide-framed, maximum coverage unisex sunglass from the engineers of Kaenon, give golfers the perfect experience of golfing with top-of-the-line polarized lenses, extremely lightweight structure and an incredibly durable frame. Truly one of the 10 best golf sunglasses in the market today.
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