10 Best Goodbye For Now Songs

Offer a short or long-term goodbye with one of these 10 best goodbye for now songs. These songs will lead to smiles and appreciation at any distance. Saying goodbye is never easy. Why dig for the perfect words when they can be delivered by song alone?

Geared for that "so long, hope to see you again" message, these songs can leave a lasting impression. So grab that box of tissues and plan on tears of joy streaming from you and the one you are going to miss.

  1. "Next Year" by Foo Fighters is an excellent goodbye for now song for anyone returning during the upcoming year. For college students, long-term travelers and even someone located outside of the country, this song can bring hope that a loved one is looking forward to returning.
  2. "Someday We'll Be Together" by Diana Ross needs no introduction. This treasure may be an oldie yet still is favored by many awaiting to see that special someone they miss. 
  3. "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman usually flies under the goodbye for now radar, but should never have in the first place. The lyrics reflect that if a person remembers the other, than the other shall return the favor with open arms.
  4. "Every Time You Go Away" by Paul Young shares the hint of every time a loved one goes away, they take a piece of the one left behind. Yet the key is "every time" meaning they always return.
  5. "Never Say Goodbye" by Bob Dylan is unlike The Jackson 5 goodbye song, but a song in waiting for a person to return even though the world may change them. The lyrics include key words–such as "wait for you to come"–that express a loyalty in the waiting process as another prepares to return.
  6. "I'll Be There" by The Jackson 5 is a masterpiece in its own right. "I'll Be There" offers the message to look over your shoulder and find your loved one.
  7. "I'll Be There For You" by Bon Jovi also gives that ray of hope in allowing you to remember just who will be there for you.
  8. "Missing You" by Diana Ross is designed for seriously missing another people whether short or long-distance. The roads that may turn can be mirrored as a two-way street. Remember to remind the one saying goodbye that the road he/she leaves for should be continued, but he/she is still missed.
  9. "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" by Stevie Wonder is more of a goodbye song that was intended for a short period of time but lasted way beyond what you had expected, tainting the heart strings to their very last beat.
  10. "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds may have been the perfect mid-eighties breakfast tune. But this upbeat song remains a goodbye for now hit at any time, even the present.
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