10 Best Goodbye Song Lyrics

Here are the 10 best goodbye song lyrics. Goodbye songs usually cause everyone to cry. There are some songs, which capture the hearts of many and should be considered as the best songs and also ones that contain the best song lyrics. Many goodbyes are said throughout a lifetime of many people. We all have tom say goodbye sometime and what better way than to say it in a song. There are many songs thought the years that carry a tune within a goodbye for the person that is loved and that will be missed.

  1. "I Will Remember You." This song holds a simple way of saying goodbye but yet the person asks if the other one will miss her. Everyone needs to know they are liked. Truly this is one of the best song lyrics in regard to goodbye. This song brings together thoughts of goodbye and a person who is wondering about the goodbye.
  2. "Leaving On A Jet Airplane." This lovely song sung by John Denver reminds of the original hit brought about in the 60s by Peter, Paul and Mary. This song was on everyone’s transistor radio playing away as if everyone was leaving on a jet plane too.
  3. "I’m Coming Out" by Diana Ross. Diana Ross has a voice which inspires any singer to sing. Her enthusiasm and great contribution to the arts makes this one of her best goodbye songs. It truly is one of the best ten goodbye song lyrics sung by her.
  4. "So Long, Farewell." This song sung by the Van Trap Singers was one of the best songs of the 60s and still is played by most families on their DVD player. Julie Andrews and her inspiration to the musical arts as well as the handsome actor Christopher Plummer creates one of the best songs in "the Sound Of Music." It is only correct and deserving that this song and its lyrics be considered as on of the ten best themes for song lyrics of the 60s.
  5. "Here’s to the Night" This song makes some people dream of wearing fancy clothes and dancing in the moonlight. It is a goodbye song of remembrance and capturing the moment that will end quickly with a goodbye. The intensity of this song makes it one of the best and the lyrics remains one of the best for best lyrics.
  6. "Goodbye Cruel World"  This known song by Pink Floyd sustains lyrics that are one of the best goodbye songs. It gives a sense of separation as the goodbye is felt within the lyrics.
  7. "I can Believe I can Fly" This song written by R Kelly is known for its best sun lyrics and flair of imagination. The words, which relate to fantasy and flying, make it a great hit and one of the best.
  8. "Goodbye" This song by Night Ranger gives a direct goodbye and has true meaning within the lyrics. Saying goodbye is always intense and difficult. It means separation of a relationship.
  9. "Graduation(Friends Forever)" This song sung by Vitamin C has great lyrics and a tune to be remembered. This song sings the goodbye, which begins to pave the way for the start of life within the world.
  10. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" This song written and sung by Bananarama makes anyone want to kiss him goodbye. It is a time that remembers the teens in the 70s era as spunk was captured in then lyrics. Truly for spunk, it remains one of the best song and lyrics around.
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