10 Best Goodbye Songs For Break Ups

Over the years, there's been hundreds of break up and relationship goodbye songs, but here's a glimpse at the ten best goodbye songs for break ups. Heart wrenching ballads and kiss-off anthems are represented.

  1. "Here's a Quarter" –Made famous by country singer Travis Tritt, this song says it all. Goodbye. I don't care. But you're worth handing over twenty-five cents to take your crying to someone else.
  2. "I'll Fall In Love Again"- From former solo artist and second lead singer of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, sings the tune of heart break with strong vocals, a fast paced rhythm and knows there's someone better for him in the future.
  3.  "Cold Day In July"- Sung by the electrifying Dixie Chicks, this slow ballad basically says hell has frozen over and the love in the relationship is gone. Tender lyrics tend to bring tears to the eyes of even the strongest.
  4. "Sorry"- Lead singer Josh Todd sets aside the band's  hard rock sound for this ballad. The lyrics are heartfelt but still implicate the male in the relationship as the wrong-doer. The perfect song for goodbye and breakups despite where the fault lies.
  5. "Bye-Bye"-  Simple words sung by female country singer JoDee Messina. Her first hit and it won the hearts (and heart break) all across the country with its upbeat tempo and words. Start over in a new place. But where? California? Carolina?
  6.  "Yesterday"- The Beatles' song could never be left out of a countdown of the ten best goodbye break up songs. Before the heartbreak, yesterday was a much better day.
  7. "Over You"- New to the music scene, Daughtry hit the mark with his goodbye break up song. Being better off without someone who has hurt is the best way to get over heartache and Daughtry hit the target with this song.
  8. "You Give Love A Bad Name"- Who doesn't want to sing along with Jon Bon Jovi and love. Not exactly a ballad but not quite a jamming hair band song, the point is made. The opening verse says it, "Shot Through The Heart".
  9. "Here Without You"-  Lies, lies, lies. The guy is still in love with her no matter what. Cold nights, the distance, all of it is covered in this wonderful modern age ballad.
  10. "Nothing Compares To You"- The ultimate goodbye break up song of the era. Sinead O'Connor touches everyone's heart with this explosive rendition of lost love. If a major count down was conducted it's a guarantee that this song would be high on the list of top ten goodbye and break ups songs.
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