10 Best Goodbye To You Songs

The ten best goodbye to you songs include modern classics and quirky tunes that convey the essence of a couple's kiss off. Sometimes a breakup involves hatred on the part of one or both parties and other times just one part of the team ends up hating the other. Breakups don't have to be full of hatred. In fact, former couples may find one or two of the songs still suitable for sharing if the split was amiable. 

  1. "Goodbye to You" by Patty Smyth. This ditty falls into the goodbye to you songs where one of the partners has had more than enough and is giving the closure to the entire relationship. An oldie, but a goodie for goodbye songs. She belts out "goodbye" more than a dozen times in the chorus. 
  2. "Bye, Bye" by Mariah Carey. Bye, bye can be temporary or permanent and in this case Ms. Carey gives a nod to late great family members, former lovers and friends who left by death. Ms. Carey covers all her goodbye bases. 
  3. "Say Goodbye" by Chris Brown. A snide title for giving a partner the brush off, Chris Brown offers up a tune for getting rid of a partner. 
  4. "Songs to Say Goodbye" by Placebo. This group covers all options with songs that claim "Without You I'm Nothing," as well as the kiss off tune dealing with the best way to say goodbye. The lyrics of this tune repeat: "A song to say goodbye," however, the request for leaving is not kind and suggesting the partner is a "lying, trying waste of space." A best goodbye to you song for a partner who has earned a bit of bile. 
  5. "You Must Go" by John Hiatt. This song is more of a brush off song than many of the tunes listed on the best goodbye to you list, but still has an element of compassion to the mix. The key part of the message in this song is the use of "you," rather than "I," in the title. 
  6. "Bye, Bye Baby" by Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie's smooth crooning makes the lyrics less harsh, but the tune remains a best goodbye to you song. Although Bonnie wallows a bit in the heartbreak of the breakup, she comes down solid on the fact that the love affair is over and she's saying goodbye to you. 
  7. "Far As We Go" by John Hiatt. The singer/songwriter Hiatt is the king of writing a goodbye song, and this one measures up to his masters. Hiatt indicts his woman for infidelity and taking up with a past love. If the shoe fits, this best goodbye song is for you. 
  8. "Friends Never Say Goodbye" by Elton John. Another song in the breaking up, but not hating each other category, John sings, "who's to say who's right or wrong." It's the perfect tune for leaving and saying goodbye without remorse on either side of the relationship. 
  9. "I Hope You Dance" by Leann Womack. This lyric song is a goodbye to you song, but also a good wish to the person in future endeavors. Womack even offers scenarios for dancing. 
  10. "How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye" by Patty Loveless. Ms. Loveless sets the mood for leaving and politely asks how can I help you pack your bag in this best goodbye to you song. 
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